Guide To Ally Ownership and Ally Plunder, by tmh v2 Oct2010

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  1. Super awesome guide I send so many noobs here to read it and those that don't pass out from the strain of reading come back and thank me rofl
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    Great Guide!!! Includes basically everything on allies.
  5. Tmh. First off thank you. I read ur original guide when I started playing and it really helped me. This is an even better guide and I will point players to it. I do want to discourage players from the allies as plunder only approach. While being easy to understand and effective fir what it intends. Many players stop their education there. And those are the players begging to have allies hired so they can upgrade. Players who stop at the allies for plunder angle are exposing themselves to the now 40% drop and will come to regret that approach if they intend to stay in the game. I would be very curious to hear your opinions on the recent volly changes to the game, in my opinion they have taken an income stream away from the top advanced volliers and made the game less interesting on the whole. The changes are new. And an active volly market may develop around the new mechanics. But for now, there is a whole lotta poaching going on.
  6. I think the allies for plunder only approach is as valid as ever. I'm currently using it. It's not for advanced, engame type play. But it's still a great approach for basically anyone who isn't trying to be a beast when fighting from dtw.

    The drop change is crummy in that it changes the ability to drop-volley money across accounts without loss. But hey, that's what they wanted. I just dropped around $500b in allies yesterday so I'm pretty sure nobody wishes it was still 70% return more than I do. 
  7. guys i suggest you tell all of your new clan members to read this guide. in my eyes, it is the best guide on the forums
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  10. Ty tmh, very helpful, I want to say thanks for this, it is great. Thanks. BUMP
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  13. What does it mean when my ally plunder drops when I buy an ally? I tried this 5 times and I'm sure that when I hired a 200k ally my ally bonus dropped.
  14. That means either
    1) you are using a time machine and are playing many months ago when ally stat bonuses used to have anything to do with ally plunder calcs
    2) you aren't talking about ally plunder (which would not go down when u hire an ally) but rather you're talking about your personal plunder from buildings or your total plunder
    3) the devs changed game mechanics to revert to the old ally plunder calculation method
    4) something else

    My money is on #2