Guess the pvp lb

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  1. Every time I look at the LB to see where I stand and what my competition looks like... I wonder who my close competition is.

    Let's post guesses about the top 10. Are they BC LB players or little guys like me?

    I know who #1 is, but I don't know the other 9
  2. Number one is me im a beast, the rest of you are trash check out my broken sword which proves it
  3. Ss or it didn't happen lmao.

    I know your not #1.

    Wanna see #1 go from 131 to 133? Hold on brb
  4. I'm stuck at 40, can't xtal for 19 hours
  5. So now ppl can stop lying about being #1
  6. Xstalling on osf and oaf r gr8
  7. Did you really just make a thread to show off you're number 1? Wow... Get a Life
  8. That's how he did it.
  9. Cool story OP.

    Now make me a sammich.
  10. But it says right here that I'm #1

  11. You're not even opted in. Go make your own
  12. 2 iG in top 50 last I knew.. :twisted:
  13. Why make my own when I have you to make it for me?

    Now hop to it, my sammich isn't going to make itself.
  14. I'm number 69 ️
  15. Show off sucks.
  16. Usually 3 kotfe in top 10
  17. Long fall from 1st to 7th. Make another cool thread.