gud bye u chumps

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  1. even when its saltyfeet against the world .he always managed to come out on top and make the idiots n haters look stupid for dareing to try talk dumb to him and insulting him . if were all honest we all wish we could have a little piece of salty in us so we never are a victim and bounce back with that salty in your face fighting spirit. i had a lot of laughs with you and loved all your instruction guides lol. ill miss you lots bye salty
  2. don't go, stay and class up our forums
  3. 
  4. I actuallly like salty.
  5. Salty will be back brah.
  6. 100% Its not saltys kid but i aint payin no child support so put ur chump mug on on dat birth cirtificate
  7. Love him or hate him salty done exactly what he set out to do he trolled the whole of kaw left many butthurt people in his wake and made many laugh with how dumb he pretended to be and for that everyone on this game will always remember him
  8. Roni. Word on the street is you do have a little salty in you.
  9. Salty, please be sincere with the next thread you make like this. I get too excited and then you disappoint me.
  10. And the plot thickens. . .
  11. Literally, since salt makes things denser.
  12. [​IMG]
    Trolling hamburger dance?
  13. Salty about to have a son and is going to teach him how to read and write, hope your gonna call him Dyslexic cause that's what he'll be with salty as a teacher.

    If you really are gonna have a son, may God bless him with the gift of proper English
  14. We need more people like Salty in this world! Let him teach his son how to troll around, (just like the American Pie) may the troll flow through salty 