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  1. grug speak words of sky god

    sky god say green grug is bad omen

    green grug lock thread

    green is bad grug of ape tribe

    they have small berry

    sno tribe have big berry and massive club

    no trust ape chieftain

    only trust grug with big club

    ooga booga

  2. Support
  3. grug? haaaaaaaaaaaaam.
  4. ick hate green grug. green grug the worst.
  5. green grug post, green grug deceive all with big word

    green greg bring ouch rain, no trust
  6. Potential support
  7. Sticky this
  8. Grug is the new glub :roll:
  9. Cave grug is better dan green grug
  10. Kaa Grug is lame

    Strider is best grug
  11. This is a thread
  13. This is decent
  14. Yeah forums are so far beyond dead that stuff like this becomes considered a topic.