Great news from -WarLoR-

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  1. Update 3/23

    It appears adrianthegodofgin has created a love triangle. Amb has gone off with him and IMF nowhere to be found.

    Please give your feedback about this behavior to adrianthegodofgin on his wall in -WarLoR- thank you

    From the fires of war......


    Comes some happy news to make you feel all tingly and gay


    Sigh...somehow Ads always manages to gatecrash a party......

    Anyway - to the point

    I'm proud to announce my buddy -IMF- has finally put his wayward bachelor days behind him and got married to AMBERO!!!!


    Anyway the party was great, and -IMF- broke the whisky drinking record


    All I have left to say is to remind -IMF- of some great advice he once shared with the clan......


  2. Yass! Enjoy the floppy smushsmush!
  3. To the loveliest couple around... Congrats imf!
  4. Im praying they start making small WarLorian blooded babies
  5. All the best bruh 
  6. So sweet!
  7. Congrats Imf and Ambero :)
  8. I wasn't invited 

    Congrats both
  9. Congrats Imf and Ambero 
  10. Congratulations! You know what they say, couples that KaW together, stay together. :)
  11. Are you both going to spend thousands on this game?

    We need a new Red and Cella
  12. Congratz imf and ambero 
  13. Congrats IMF and Ambero! Wishing you a happy married life!
  14. Congrats Imf and Ambero
  15. After some complication with the audio and mic... and the duck fountain. We finally got to witness this beautiful ceremony. Two hearts coming together. Found in an unexpected place... what a wonderful day.  can't wait for wythens and tweety's wedding...
  16. Staaaaaaaaaaaap 
  17. Congratulations and best wishes.

  18. That only works with RL couples other wise its just sad and you need to get out more