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  1. How do I buy it?
  2. U can't -_-
  3. You cant buy it. You can get gold by doing EBs, wars and hires.
  4. Nobility points from oracle
  5. Getting hires*
  6. Is there a way I can get it w/o violence or spending real money!
  7. Do quests, no money spent, and no violence.....
  8. This is the worst case of noob Ive seen in ages!
  9. Can't someone just answer my question -.-
  10. But quests can be violent!
  11. Only way is to get people to keep hiring you (volleying)
  12. Don't think of any part of this game as violence. Think of it as pressing a button. That way you'll have no nightmares! Or whatever your worried about.
  13. You can get gold by:
    1)Doing Quests for gold,Earning nobility which chances is 2%/100% and health crystals,but I do not know the chances.
    2)Doing Epic Battles to earn gold
    3)Volleying(But volleying is a one time deal,Spend the gold wisely on building)
    4)Go MarketPlace ->The Oracle ->15 nobility points for a certain gold.
    5)Do wars to earn gold
    6)Attack,Steal players.
    That's all I can think about but I think roughly all the points are the ways to earn gold...
  14. We have built great nations, we have attained great knowledge, we have gone into space, and yet the human species still has not managed to cure stupidity.
  15. _Galaga_,None of the things i mentioned is violent.Its how you think affects what you do.This is just a game,It's fictional,It's not a real life stuff.Just think it as a game,nothing else
  16. You could always build a gold mine. I mean, so long as spragga doesn't destroy your stables, you should be fine.
  17. noob

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