Going to war with another app.

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  1. Does anyone remember several years ago we went to war with another app? I don’t remember how it started or who fired the first shot but it was one of the few times kaw came together as one. I honestly forget the name of the other app but it wasn’t made by ata and either they started talking crap on our forums or we started on theirs but it was pretty funny for a while some nasty stuff was said.

    The same happened with pimd and kaw back in the day, when we were exposing a lot of the players there for being creeps. Some good times. Good times. -reimagines myself back in the jungles of vietnam-
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  2. I remember but also do not remember the name of the app.
  3. Don’t remember this at all did I miss something 
  4. This is probably “The Mandela Effect”, in effect. 

    No one remembers the name but they’re sure it happened. :lol:
  5. I'm pretty sure its 3 letter acronym started with an L. Maybe..
  6. You had to be a forumer, a lot of people back in the day who werent active on forums missed all the forum fun back in the day lol
  7. Was it GAW?
  8. It was called High School something? HSM
  9. Dorms at war? 
  10. I don't remember trash talking a non ATA game.
    However I clearly remember the whole PIMD vs KaW forum **** show.
  11. High School Hero. Remember how loads of people from both games got banned for brigading?

    Tbf, HSH wasn't an awful app. It wasn't great, but it functioned fine as a taptap in, what, 2010? 2011 maybe? It had a story, albeit cliched. Gameplay was taptap, a lot of similarities to KaW just like tons of other apps made in that era.

    While writing this I just looked it up, and apparently it shut down in 2013. So....I guess that means we won? :lol:

    (Though it shouldn't have happened in the first place, brigading is super disruptive and is usually banned on many social channels)
  12. Yeah thats it! Lol that was so funny. Ahhhhhh
  13. One of the best times ever
  14. As thrawn said, HSH was the main app that conflicts were had. But, also FC and GAW brought issues over here to kaw. However, we all had accounts in all of them back then. Hell, I think there was even an “IG clan” in FC.
  15. Devs cant even run one app successfully anf you want them to cross platform against another app? Lol i rememeber the first time i had hope for this game 
  16. Waaaay back in the day..in the big PC gaming times, dominant guilds/clans signed up and battled it out in every new game that came out. Massive MMRPG games were the cats ass back then, and you could lose literally years worth of accumulated stuff in seconds if you weren’t careful, or aligned with a powerful group. WoW pretty much killed the evil amongst gamers and spawned the snowflake, carebear types of crap people ooh and awe over today. Ultima Online, Shadowbane, and Asherons Call were the glory days of gaming. Now it’s a joke.
  17. Let's go to war with Heckfire
  18. I always think that the subject means to leave KaW and go war with another app. I support that. 
  19. I totally support this idea : )

  20. Yeah Ultima was awesome. It appears to be still online. What does it suck now? Most of these KAWers fragile ego's wouldn't have been able to handle Ultima.