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  1. The reason is that many people choose to spam or swear or make inappropriate comments. Without a punishment, there lies no need to obey rules.
  2. That Isn't Silenceable In My Mind But It All Depends On The Moderator That's Watching WC Or Wherever The Thing Was Said
  3. I dont see anything wrong with the word osama!
  4. Adolf Hitler is also censored. (Famous German dictator who ruled in the 1930-40's)
  5. You are given the means to appeal your silence. But most people don't take the mature approach. Whining and blaming others for your violation shows you're not mature enough to hold yourself accountable.
  6. Guess what if u play with fire u get burned.

    If u wanna ignore the games rules u pay the price. Whats the difficulty?

    I was silenced many moons ago over a misunderstanding and was reinstated. Thats the process end of story.

    Now play within the games rules n enjoy
  7. KaW Is Not A History Class. We All Know Who You Are Talking About And The Devs Aree Damn Right To Have His Name Censored.
  8. I was silence'd twice, and it says "you are silenced permanently" (facepalm) mods/devs what's going on?
  10. You Can Get Unsilenced By Waiting The Silence Out If It is 24 Hour Silence (1st-2nd Offense) Or If You Are Perm Silenced You Can Email Support@AThinkingApe.Com With A Reason For You To Get Unsilenced And Your KaW Name
  11. But I already did that 3 times But they ignore and once they said ur case is closed so wat i do ?
  12. You Now Have 2 Options. Either Keep Spamming Them With Multiple Emails Requesting Your Unsilence Until They Get Sick Of You And Unsilence You, Or Wait Another Month Or Two And Then Try Emailing Them Again. Pick One, I'm Done On This Thread So Your On Your Own Now Op.
  13. Moose! /lock please -.-" this is a second thread. Seriously....
  14. Just to add, if developers directly silence you, they can customize how long they silence you. Don't happen often but I have seen 2 day silences.

    There are kids that play this game, if ata is to maintain the 9 (or whatever it is) age rating, they must be serious about enforcing the rules.
  15. Rasta, what did you do to get silenced the last time?
  16. how you get perm silence?
    trash talk, pervert talk?

    if that so perm silence is a bit too strict
  17. My silence was very unjust