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  1. What's up Devs, you guys have been teasing the gifting function for over a year, when's the big reveal date?
  2. I can imagine the developers who came up with the idea got fired and now they dont know what to do with that tab lol
  3. I think that’s right 
  4. What irks me about the whole gifting and charm thing is you get penalized for not having alts.

    Before you could not have alts and be just as strong. Now if you don't have alts to farm charms then you won't be as strong.
  5. This will just make charm farms easier

  6. Support 
  7. What's there to support? Lol
  8. Yeah, I don't think it's any different than trading. The only thong charms seems to do is increase your bracket for PVP and Indi war. So by having more charms you are only increasing your hit range.
    This is a response from the devs regarding charms:

    Dev's Response to Charming
  9. That section will start working when charms are outdated and peeps are bored of farming charms. Atm everyone is happy with charms especially devs and farmers. So wait for a year or 2.