Getting No MAtch!

Discussion in 'Wars' started by Eman, Jan 20, 2016.

  1. Plain n Simple I'm Butthurt Over Being Sidelined Out Of War Due To Devs Serving My Team A No MAtch.

    Something needs be done against unfair actions in given signed up teams a no match. I can say for certain we where signed up before 3 other clans. 1 I was in contact with and 2 that where still scrambling 10mins before sign up period ended for warriors to join their clan to war. Yet instead of these late signies getting No Match the devs decide to play Roulette and take Out A well organized team that spent time everyoner rebuilding prior to war and upon Joining if replacing warriors that couldn't war. We where looking forward to a match and saw no way off getting a no match with others still scrambling, yet still this has happened. Now we are also doing an event run by you guys, the devs, for the kaw community, sonwe are chasing rewards and having to miss out to an unfair advantage n get set back due to being chosen at random after the effort put in isn't right at all. If Such Is The Case In these events it would only be fair that instead off mith which no one blooming cards about that the vanished paladins drops, considering having it drop 200-300 wartokens to keep those losing out on a chance off keeping in the running. At least the butthurt won't be so much.

    In all seriousness devs. Sort it out. Currently I have players who have never done Vp so to have it completes I'm sticking about to give them the chance but it's utter useless for events. Make a compensation for those getting no matchs and don't make those signed up before others especially the last signies get a no match it's total whack.
  2. Emailed them already I'll find the email I got back.
  3. Well said E!

    Devs, we were lock and weapons hot well before the war sign up period ended... Atleast 20 min we were signed up!

    We have members in our team in top 10, top 50 and top 100...war and event items and this non match will force them out!

    It's one thing that Match ups have been less than random... But it's a completely different thing to give us a non match!

    I invest too much money in this game... Fix ur mistake or. I won't spend another damn cent on this game!

    Wake up Devs!
  4. Yeah id like to see that.Cant be an excuse for the rubbish, not like people can exploit that eb no more.
  5. It said they can't give tokens for no match because they need to keep a level playing field.

    I don't get it tbh so its keeping a level playing field when you don't get tokens and lose spots on lb through no fault of your own  id be happy with 100 tokens.
  6. Match noob clans off wc
  7. Or match us to a lower bracket...makes no sense why matches need to be contained to bracket... If a clan has no match in 1 bracket but another bracket has a non.matxh they should match up... In LL stats are even playing field anyway!

    Also to E's point, why did we get no match if there were teams still trying to roster up and likely opted in last 2 min... Why they get matched but we didn't when we were ready 20 min before sign up ends or even earlier than that!
  8. The no matching situation I understand, when 9 teams sign up one is not going have a match. The problem is getting no tokens - people get 150-300 tokens for losing a match, win or lose, that set me back 250 tokens that I should have had. Add a token reward to TVP to make it fair that way if there is an inactive - they won't get tokens because they didn't participate in eb.
  9. No match? Use a lighter.
  10. Support. Last event we had a no match second to last war. People lost ranks due to that