Get Rid of EB Cheat Threads

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  1. Last point:
    I you are so "it's a war game, we shouldn't help each other!", then why are you fighting Apheriun, which never hits you back?!?!
    It's a war game, my ass. It's EBaW now.
    Hopefully this will change soon, but as of now, there's no problem with us helping other players, or giving small clans a preview, and proving to them they can do it.
  2. @OP and DrgnBlade,

    Don't read the forums then.

    Stay in CC and work it out with your friends for yourself. Do experiments yourself. Do primary research. Maybe you'll learn something new... or find forum info is not correct. (I am always skeptical of info on forums. There are lots of errors and odd advice to wade through.)

    You can't complain that forums spoil the game.

    This EB was easy to figure out. No "spot" or god mode. I guess walking through each item could be an initial challenge.

    A better comment would be why are EB's so simple? Why are they static? Why can't they dynamically change around more? Something that would require more coordination and discussion in clan chat. Or more competition within the clan besides jumping items.

    Ask devs for more challenging EBs. FoD is a good example, but is still pretty static (with two random parameters).

    Don't ask for a ban. That's wrongheaded.

    A release of new mechanics and items always bring the community together to pick things apart. These forums would be extremely boring otherwise.

    TLDR; No Support on your idea.

    Full support on your observation that EBs pretty simple.
  3. Exactly don't read forums. Simple as that
  4. @Frog

    Your argument is invalid. When Zelda came out Nintendo had a magazine called Nintendo Power. Players routinely mailed in tips and tactics to the magazine.

    There were also newer gaming magazines that did the same thing as time went along. Also there used to be hotlines that you could call if you got stuck in the game.

    It doesn't matter the platform of the game because its always been a part of the gaming community to share guides, tips, and tactics among players.
  5. This thread alerted me to the fact that there was a new EB, and also to the fact that a player has created a subsequent guide for said new EB.

    I've just now read the guide, despite all warnings, and this thread. It has indeed spoiled the surprise for me. 

    Therefore I request that all threads created to complain about EB guide threads be abolished so that they can not alert us to the fact that the guide thread exists!

    Side note: when I do get a chance to hit the new EB, I will be extremely thankful for the guide, so a I don't waste too much time hitting crappy EB's.

    Therefore, I must thank Froggy for this complaint guide, which started a vicious circle of events, that I will not go into, due to the fact that I just detailed said events above.
  6. Pete, I agree with you, and thank you for stating it in his own words.
    The EB is still not known perfectly, though I must admit it did go quickly.
    As we go along, we find new things, bringing you the "odd advice" you're talking aboot.
  7. @darth

    That I did not know. I haven't played Zelda in years, and I wasn't addicted to it like I'm kaw. You got me in that point.

    I don't know if you guys remember this old computer game: nethack. It was a dungeon game that had no walk through because it changed every time you play. I played for years and couldn't get past level 20. Anyone here ever complete it?
  8. So you want everybody else in the world to police themselves because you have a hard time controlling your behavior?

  9. @Pheonix

    Lol you think I'm an EB noob? you better check my clan and banner, little noob. I've help strip 50 players in the last month and been stripped 3 times myself.
  10. I love Zelda
  11. Frog your win loss ratio says you don't get hit much bro
  12. It should be put into wulfs thread so as not to alert us.
  13. @iburn

    No, I get hit plenty. I just don't lose much. Sorry bro but 6000 is a lot of losses. By your logic cella, teja, and os-Nckz are all osw noobs because they have less losses than me.

    Btw, this is my second account. My old account has 100,000 losses. Check it in my clan.
  14. @ iburn.

    Maybe u r an osw noob I dunno. But in osw attack builds get stolen not hit during strips.
  15. So.....your complaining about people helping other people that literally has no effect on you?

    Whine much?
  16. @TNT

    I was gonna whine, but then I cleared a bar on you and felt much better. 
  17. Basically " I hate when people post help threads because I dont posess the self restraint not to look"

    Here, I can do that too.

    I hate when GNC has protein sales because im forced to buy stuff,which results in me wasting my money.

    GNC should stop having sales!!!!!
  18. Seriously? You read the damn title. If you don't wanna know the EB.. You don't click/tap it!
    Amazing right?
  19. @tnt
    according to your thinking. Our schools should shelve the libraries full of kiddy p orn or anti-Jewish literature because its the kids own damn fault if they start reading it.
  20. @unicorn

    I already pinned 3 people who trolled this thread. Wanna be a fourth?