Game Designer AMA Part 2 (The Answers to Friday’s Questions)

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  1. Rip attack builds
  2. 1,000,000 plunder bonus!?? Sign me the **** up.
  3. Any ideas about making changes toward mith payouts and more specifically better mith equip so it keeps with the standerds of current equip?
  4. LL war event is over so is the ASW over isn't it the right time to release the new Sveruganti eb to iron out any bugs before we start the next phase of the event,so we can have smooth sailing on it.
  5. Why is a new eb needed? LOTL and ASoF still pay well.

    There are more important things the devs could be working on rather than another update that is for the select few in the community who are LB/BC/in LB clans.

    It seems the average time is around 2-4 hours maybe. Just for the LB. That's still fine. And you'll find there's still many, many clans that aren't up to LotL (no I'm not talking about the noob clans). I really don't see a need for a new eb yet. The current two still pay well and drop items better than any other eb. Catering to the minority always leave the majority further and further behind :roll:. You'd only be isolating more players by adding another eb.

    And what will the next eb be? So hard that again, basically 3 clans can run it for weeks? Pay in the trillions for everyone? Drop 3k+ items? Devs stretched the payment for LotL so far already when it was first released compared to the other ebs, I'd hate to see the next eb!

    I'd much prefer the devs work on improving the game in other aspects than adding another eb. There are more important things devs could be doing.

    A new eb will worsen inflation. It'll hurt clans because heaps haven't unlocked LOTL yet cause they're still working towards it. Plus everyone will be running off to try and hit it, hurting clans even more. It'll make event drops become even more unbalanced.

    Please, think outside of the LB clans who can complete it fast. If it's too fast for you - drop your stat req and allow smaller accounts a chance to hit.
  6. You know what else would be awesome? If you added some new tiers for lower stat players too. I've been growing slowly but unfortunately have no budget to spend money on game. It would be really need to throw a few new epic battles in the middle instead of continuing to add now battles that you have to be ridiculously strong to hit.
  7. Necro bump... that one time when Devs said they had a new eb... that was a good joke.. well played devs
  8. Id like to understand how we'd be able to make more epic battles like warbeasts
    Im thinking maybe we could adds more ebs that arent as high as the new ones that have came in but have more varoity of different ebs
  9. You arent on the lb therefore the devs do not care about any ideas you have. Start spending thousands of real $ then maybe they will like any idea you bring up
  10. I hope i dont have to do a week 4 ama. Charlie... Please??? I hate doing ama
    Tl:dr -> Can You do it?
  11. Are you going to increase event rewards after these new levels introduced?
  12. You said "We want players to grow fast and catch up to mids"

    If you are so interested then why is there vast majority of sb rewards in all phase.

    In last event we saw 2k item collected gave u 2k sb
    While 15k gave u 2.7k sb

    Many mids and smalls were happy about that, though bigs were angry.

    But in this event, there is vast gap of sb rewards.

    5k reward give 1250sb
    20k reward gives 2250sb.

    What are you trying to do devs ?
    Increasing/decreasing the gap ?

    Why you did that ? Please explain.
  13. Why no 77% zta
  14. When are you gonna implement ideas from us that are helpful for us.
  15. Last response from ole Charlie was July. What month is this (rhetorical question)? Way to be an instrumental factor in the community.

    Back to tapping....

    Happy KAW'ing 
  16. Eh, I hope he's still around.

    Happy KAW'ing all ️
  17. #inb4necrobumplock
  18. Would really like the ability to sell horns and seals for 75% of nobility cost
  19. You want to get a horn/seal for free then sell it and get nobility points? I don't think you fully understand how it works. You give them money they don't give you money
  20. Why not? They did it on Smash, they can do it on KaW. After their Smash revamp I received the equivalent of almost $4,000 in Element X, (which is their nob equivalent) in compensation for time, money and resources spent on upgrades and research.

    Let us sell old equipment, the free horns/seals we've gotten (either as a drop from ebs or events) Aqua/inferno, mith. Whatever the KaWmmodity is, we should be able to trade it for higher end stuff or sell it for a percentage of its in game "monetary" equivalent.