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  1. This will be a multi featured post covered in bullet point format .

    . I understand the people who purchase materials ( common ) are rare but if you do so please post you might get business as I understand it the right person will buy them 400-750k charms each

    Not directly related but if any of you actively purchase event chests let us know as well and in both cases obviously, pls name your offer
    I won't ask for the names of people who sell furniture and their prices because everyone would flock to the best trader , good for one person bad for everyone however
    . next I wanna discuss furniture+charms combination trading including base items and leveled up items for instance I wanted to purchase a horse in the offer I wanted to include lv2 bone steps as part of the deal and I won't state the deduction but let it suffice to say that it was pathetic so what's your opinion on including furniture how much do you value your horse/throne do you believe leveled up items should b used or would the work and price involved make it not worth it ?
    - on a side note if I'm purchasing a lv2 horse and putting my lv1 up as part of it what's the approx balance same for throne lv2 as part of a deal to buy a lv3
    how does an items rarity affect such transactions and which items are considered rare idk about anyone else but that confuses me
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