Full Troop Unload Item

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Would you buy an autoclicker/full unload item from the store?

  1. OMG YES

  2. Nah, its a spamming game, if you dont have the time then get over it.

  1. Hear me out, premium item, place in the event boxes as rare or ultra rare, 1 tap, sends all your available troops into battle. Im suggesting an item that you could activate and for 5-10 minutes 1 tap sends all your available troops into battle. There are a large number of players that would love this. It could give people that have limited time to be on the game the ability to keep up with players who have all the time they need. It would boost xstal purchases and max xstal uses as players would likely either buy or save up to max before using such an item. If making it send all troops would be too much to code then perhaps at least an autoclicker. Am I the only one that would buy this straight from the store? Let me hear you if you think this is a good idea
  2. There are more negatives than positives to this idea..

    One small example, someone opens an premium eb and sets rules as those who didn't help open can't xstal. A few people who didn't help open would be able to sit there and unload xstal after xstal ruining the eb.
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  3. And in the event of that that person would almost gurantee to be kicked and not let back in, that can happen without the idea. To say its a bad idea because someone could break set rules is a bit irrelevant when that can happen anyways, additionally if that were happening as a result of the item, then clans would be able to weed out people like that.
  4. People do it without the idea of a single click unload, but if the idea was implemented it would be much easier to do the damage.

    These days you can gauge who xstals on an eb if you're watching... your idea says nothing about if that 1 click unload will still show a full unload in eb logs. So with that being said, you need to expand on the idea.
    What if those who opened the eb don't have admin so cannot remove those who would abuse this option? The damage could be done before an admin makes it on to remove them.

    As previously stated, there are more negatives than positives.
    The average player can make a full unload in less than a minute... so it just seems like an easy way out for people that are lazy... not for those who don't have time (those who don't have time at a certain part make time later.)
  5. I would like your “no” option to not be clearly slanted unfavorably, but I understand the sentiment. It can be painful to use thousands of items it seems for certain item phases, or likewise do hundreds of attacks / assassinations, etc.

    A way to just full unload instantly would be nice and help reduce botting temptations, possibly (if not premium) - or it could maybe increase botting as it gets more difficult to detect, and increase alt usage due to lower time requirements?

    Your instant unload idea would also be a little imbalanced for PvP - we already don’t have the “repeat action” in PvP, making it really tempting to not run attack/spy attack potions for speed instead. Can you imagine how quickly strips and pins would go with the ability to just instant unload, especially if you can queue crystals into such a feature? Scary if on the receiving end - we would need new safeguards defensively. - and likewise on the eb side, even if the concern is more discouraging massive alts there.

    I reckon, despite the tone on your “no” response, that’s what we’ll have to vote for.