from A1 to killers united and it's members.

Discussion in 'Wars' started by IllA1Ill, Jul 31, 2013.

  1. Tougher try reading the thread :lol:
  2. Tyger* damn autocorrect
  3. Awhh farm you had a lot more than 12b and you're offline most at GMT due to you being at work/ school 
  4. Wrong on both accounts doc. But at this point after your many failures all you have to cling to is your delusions. I like this imaginary large amount of allies I used to have. Because that makes sense with my build. Silly noob. Now back on topic!! Mini is an idiot, and A1 is cool/tough for beating up small EE clans.
  5.  that's not the topic
  6. Well some of it is true i guess -.-
  7. Full support to our allies. Gl killers. Not that it would help. Lol
  8. Sure thing farm 
  9. ༺Ḿ̸̸ɵƝʂϮҽཞ ǤⱥƦⱥցع༻
    MG OG
  10. Where's skippeydo he's the creator?!?!?! Glad I didn't join ku.
  11. Support
  12. Dear KU....
    As several hours have passed since the osw started, I notice many of your members are severely lacking on those things ya need.... Whaddya call em?.... Defense pots , that's it.
    As they run outta defense pots on the first day, they are starting to pay very crappy... And this has me a bit concerned.

    You see, I'm a conscientious clan owner, and only want the best for my clan. With these double FODs happening right now, they deserve the best pay possible while hitting their intended target. Not to mention them poor folks over at MG , oh the tyranny they must be enduring. 

    So, out of the kindness of your hearts, can you please run an EB, have them pin for a bit and buy a few pots?

    I mean after all, runnin out of pots a few hours into an osw is really a crappy way to treat bears in an osw ya know. 

     Free my people !! Buy pots!
  13. Lmao poppabear
  14. Lol ifarmeveryone. Tough name but raging in forum like a noob. Support mg anyway. Go TLR.
  15. Thanks Mickey!free feel to have a visit 
  16. Will do after this fod x2 finish. 
  17. LOL ifarmeveryone is hitting me for saying the truth ? Hahaha