"Free Nobs" Tab in Oracle*Updated*

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Do you think we should still be able to watch a set amount of ads per day for nobility?

  1. Yes

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  2. No

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  3. The fyber option works well enough

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  1. Support. This is a poor decision on ATA's part.
  2. Support op
  3. Support to remove or at the bottom least fix it so offers have a 50/50 chance of working instead of 1/100
  4. Support.

    Can I Haz my own special colour? c:
  5. Waited a year, did a few more...

    Same result

    1) Some offers never ending loop
    2) Some offers finish but never pay
    3) 50 Spam messages a day now to newly created never used elsewhere email account
    4) ATA still says not our problem, contact the company that runs the promos( did still no response)
    5) Offers are still not age appropriate for the games rating ( game rating is wrong IMHO)
    6) ATA collecting money as a revenue stream and does not care as long as people still plug away
  7. Add me to the list bud.
  8. The video watching for a nob is actually a neat idea. Support for that and for the removal of surveys or whatever. They are indeed annoying.
  9. No support iv made 900 nobs from £30, it does work
  10. Support. I know lots of ppl that have left kaw because they got ripped off by the free nobs
  11. "Free"

    I wonder how many people tapped on this thinking this was the thread that stated which offers work... No one has created that one yet lol.

    Next update this weekend during spring break
  12. Support again.