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  1. Hello? I'm an FF writer who never gets praise!
  2. Well there is a reason for that…
  3. It's because you're crap at writing. :D
  4. You don't automatically get praise, you demanding nub.
  5. And now i dont just dislike your story, but you too. Attention demanding cretan!
  6. ⇧Fail trollers ⇧
  8. How do u get the Someone wrote:
    bla bla bla bla bla...
  9. Uhhmm... how long are you trying to make ur story. I mean obviously the main character kills the fox and OBVIOUSLY the fox legends are true, so where (other then killing the fox) are u going with this story?this isn't going to be you first hearing the legends and weird stuff happens and you find out what's going on the start trying, OOORRR... what?
  10. Foxs are beast my friends names are foxey and king-fox
  11. *Sigh* I am aware I'm bumping this, but...

    Lovelace. Please stop bumping dead threads that don't deserve a bump.
  12. *Throws hands up defensively* Okay, fine. Sorry. I have a bad habbit of helping people who don't deserve it.