Foxes Vs iG system war round 3

Discussion in 'Wars' started by Swabia, Oct 7, 2017.

  1. A couple of live shots of Foxes clan

    Guys dressed up as Star Wars bunnies

    Bootsy and DirtyD

  2. How dare you not highlight me with my own picture :(

  3. Guess which one is you chubby bacon king
  4. Damn got busy and missed signing up.
  5. To thicc you raged out of war
  6. I joined war 5hrs in and in 3 hrs i was wr1 nobody in foxes knows how to swar apparently, which is quite ironic

    Ig played dirty and put two ps's in foxes roster snoopy and ibobbafett

    Its already over. 11:1 gold ratio
  7. Clarification iG did not put any pure spy in foxes.

  8. Snoopy
    Ex. Ig
    November 2015 till February 2016
    Has moled for ig before

    Came in foxes, dropped to ps with allies and immediately dissappeared

    Ibobbafett did exact same thing but i have no confirmation on ig ties

    Ill let kaw decide
  9. Snoopy made his own choice, he was at
    Foxes before war was even announced.

    Bobba just an idiot
  10. I didn't rage otherwise I'd be farming bobba or complaining on yall's walls. I saw a pointless war and there's better things for me to spend time on. Simple as that.
  11. Not our problem foxes had a month and produced a 11 man dream team. You left due to plunder, got angry, left hence you raged quit the war.
  12. Ffs. Snoopy hasn't even joined the war yet. Lol. So how can he possibly leak?

    And regarding Bobba, if he was placed there by iG he wouldn't have unfollowed and threatened me after I stripped him.

    Foxes messed up big time and I'm loving the show while I'm stripping anyone in my range that's there.
  13. Bach, come back. I want more full plunder people in my size range.
  14. Idk where you get the part that I got angry lol. I'm not angry. Disappointed, yes, but not angry. I'm not mad at anyone. I didn't go into that war with my ego and pride in the line. I went in for a war that I was hoping to be close. Once I saw the landslide and how bad the situation was looking, I didn't see the fun in it. I was bored so I left. Nothing to be angry about.
  15. You know those steals in your nf?

    There from me, thnx for a good 25B mr leaky

  16. He got kicked a few hours in
  17. They kicked ash and snoopy who actually wasn't a mole  these guys are idiots for kicking top class fighters, why agree to this war? You cant compete what we have to offer Foxes.

  18. Based on the wr without outside help you'd be pretty even.

    What i expected: a fair, larger osw like the first two were, something that would go down in kaw history

    What i got: LSA, two other peeps and a bunch of tiny fairies vs. Invictus mg and like 3 people from ig.

    LSA swtiched from the ig side to foxes side to make this war slighlty less onesided and we all obviously overestimated foxes swar ability since its literally non-existent

    But that was all fine, ive fought much worse odds for months on end

    When i went on to heckfire for an hour for some osw fun and came back the lead went from 250m (2:1) ratio to 2t (10:1)

    In an hour? I was in utter disbelief , went to cc and saw yet another person dropped attack builds with allies out and just went inactive

    At that point i had already dropped my 6xtals (max perday in swar) and was wr1 with 50b gold gained

    Their wr1 had over 750b

    Im not wasting my time and money for a clan who either doesnt care or doesnt understand pvp whatsoever . Maybe its both, either way im done.