Foxes Vs iG system war round 3

Discussion in 'Wars' started by Swabia, Oct 7, 2017.

  1. Good luck old friend.
  2. War start is tomorrow. 16 hour delay after declaration, so technically declaration has to be today if we would like to stay on schedule.
  3. gl hav fun don’t ask teddy about his sacrifice 
  4. Come and join!!!


    Sharks with laser beams.. and free love..


    Umm.. u have a dog named Snoopy amongst u.. I smell a mole
  5. I’ll personally be keeping ashes pinned
  6. Well, iG forfeited before it even started. Well done Foxes. Can't wait for the next one.
  7. ^what?? Why?? No one likes them and couldn't make the numbers??
  8. Oh I dunno what happened. War was re-declared but this timer is a drag.

  9. Tbh ove been to both clans in the last 24hrs, im cr 11 in foxes and cr 30 in ig

    But like 23/ those 29 are MG or invictus
  10. We have just requested for the devs to help fix the start time. We did have a member that cast war jump out and accidentally ff war. Hopefully they can fix our start time and keep us going
  11. I knew I sensed someone talking trash to me, Ashes. I am a piloting beagle okay? Cmon man...
  12. Now that iG forfeited it stands at 2-1 foxes. I see you guys are warring again, best of 5?

  13. iG

    Free Keg stands

  14. Someone with no clue commenting from the sidelines, at best your a cheerleader, at worst your very bad at trolling. Either way join in or shut yer trap sully. ;)
  15. R.I.P. Foxes
  16. Why earlier did you post "Foxes " I don't get it haha
  17. Someone with no sense of humor commenting from the sidelines, at best you’re a noob, at worst you have a very low IQ. Either way sarcasm clearly isn’t up your alley.
  18. I was gonna help em, but unfortunately I have to farm them now.
  19. Someone say Cheerleader!?

    Sully... come and join us! You can take on like 5 foxes.. we’ll be like those buff Sparta dudes who fought in the shade