For those who sacrificed

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  1. With cheese in this one. Semper fi my brothers and sisters. And to top it off Nobama is in Japan laying a wreath , will the Japanese counter part come to Pearl Harbor? Seriously , this media run nation has its PC so far up its ass, that if it coughed hard, they may crap a new world order of sissies
  2. Wait a minute...Todd posted something an a patriotic page and didn't yell "Murica" or post a gif? Did I seriously just see that??
  3. Havent read through but a lot of countries have their own day to remember as mine is anzac day (lest we forget). But i think the international day of rememberence is the 11/11 which we take a minute silence at the 11th hour to remember those who gave their lives.

    Pretty sure it was when the treaty was signed in ww2. But nonetheless respect to all who served and gave their lives.
  4. Forgot add, even you dirty pogs (non combat corps)
  5. Remembrance Sunday / armistice day is a mainly commonwealth day, it was started in 1919 in accordance with the treaty of Versailles in 1918 when ww1 ended (the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month)

    Please go and get a decent education.
  6. Rio when slating others it's a great idea to be sure and accurate yourself. Remembrance Day and Remembrance Sunday have nothing to do with the treaty of Versailles. They mark the times when the armistice between the allies and Imperial Germany was started . The Treaty of Versailles was signed the next year after the peace conference at Versailles had finally brokered a lasting peace or so they hoped.
  7. I am taking nothing away from all veterans as they paid their dues. However Vets have a day in November that we remember them for what is called veterans day(armastice day to some). Memorial day is set aside to remember all those who come home less than they left and those who don't come home at all...or at least that is what I learned in History class.

  8. Apologies, and thank you for correcting me.
  9. RIP to all who sacrificed themselves for this great nation 
  10. Rio no worries you've corrected me before and you will again I'm sure.

    Cheese a question for you .. I saw your post and wonder despite the political motivations of the reasoning behind the use of American troops on foreign soil surely the men and women who served and died their did so for their sense of loyalty to their country and to their comrades ?
    What ever they fought and died for they choose to serve and they paid the ultimate price for that choice. Surely they deserve to be remembered for that if nothing else.
    You also attacked the last 60 years of American policy but American blood was flowing in foreign fields to protect even more dubious causes for more years than that.
    I don't think anyone says supporting the sacrifices of the troops means they are getting sent out to die.
  11. Anyone reading this, be prepared for some unpleasant realities. I'm gonna say some stuff that most people probably don't know and may find offensive or unbelievable. I'm sorry if you don't believe it, but what I'm saying is true, at least based on my narrow slice of life experience.

    If you think our troops are perfect angels who deserve the world, please don't read this because it might sting a little 

    That's the problem with an all "volunteer" army - politicians get to use the excuse that they "volunteered," so the troops must be OK with it.

    This is a common misconception. When I was an army recruiter, very few kids came up to me and said that they wanna go to war. The vast majority of kids that join do so because:

    A. They didn't get into college

    B. They can't find a job

    C. They wanna use it as a way to get free job training to get into the civilian career field of their choosing.

    And most people who stay enlisted do so because they had a kid and can't afford not to have the benefits and income.

    So it's not really a "choice." It's their fallback option. They wanna join, get free job training and work experience and get out.

    And of the few who do say they wanna go to war, once they've been to war, they don't wanna go back, except their pay becomes tax free while deployed, so their income typically doubles while overseas.

    So, again, it's for the economic benefit, not the desire to be at war.

    I think the media has brainwashed some people into thinking that military veterans are heroes out of purely selfless service. But that's not true for most of our soldiers. There's a selfish intent behind every person who joins.

    If you wanna see true heroes and warriors, take away their pay or make it a barely livable income. The media will have you believe that our troops deserve more pay, which is not true. We pay our troops incredibly well, given what they bring to the table when they join, which is basically nothing 

    So going back to your original question, no, very few people join because they wanna go fight a war in a foreign country. They're doing it because it benefits them and their family.

    Yeah, again, it's not really a choice. Soldiers must do what they're told, else they go to jail.

    But they were getting sent to die. Look, it's no secret why we invaded Korea, Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan. You look at the history books, and you'll see it was all based on lies.

    We go to war and fight for "just causes" when it benefits us. There are plenty of worse bad guys in the world than a guy in a cave, who by the way, turned out not to have been hiding in a cave at all, but was posted up in his haram in Pakistan chilling and drinking pina colada 

    They said saddam had nukes and chemical weapons, where are they?

    They told us we invaded Vietnam because they shot at our navy ship, but now we know that never happened.

    So why do we go to war????

    Just follow the money, mate. Our soldiers' blood has been spilled on foreign soil for decades, so military contractors and their chronies on Capitol Hill can get paid and live the good life and/or get re-elected.

    America is corrupt as hell, and our politicians will knowingly send your kids to die to make their own lives better.
  12. I agree with cheese 100%.
    War is business and a profitable one at that. By expressing this opinion is like to assure you that Im in no way trying to undervalue the sacrifices of ordinary service men and woman.
  13. I dont disagree with cheese either....but damnit if my brothers and sisters serve, I want them to know I have their back. If they fall on a battlefield, then by God I sure as hell am going to honor their memory. Cheese, you have very valid points but this thread is not about corrupt politics. Its about battle warriors. I support my troops no matter if they make 10x what I did while serving or not. Combat takes a special breed. And I can say that I never worked along side anyone who didn't want to be there. Paid or not they served and served valiantly.
  14. Agree 100%, Posty. Most guys don't give a crap why we war (doesn't matter since they have no say in the matter anyway). They only fight for the guy on their left and right.

    In the heat of battle, we do fight for one another. Freedom never crossed my mind on the battlefield. My only concern was getting my buddies home alive.

    I didn't wanna come back, but homeboy asked me a direct question, so I had to answer. If another off topic question comes up, I'll make a new thread and direct then there.
  15. I don't know the answers to the worlds problems but surely war isn't it anymore.
    But I would like to say thanks to op and cheese for a well written and thought out thread and well written and thought out replies by cheese. I'm glad you two were able to discuss this and have differing opinions but still remain respectful(something most threads lack)on a very touchy subject. It helps me understand things a little better when you share these experiences and opinions.

  16. War may not be the answer always but we have to protect some liberties and freedoms or else we would live in a very chaotic world

    As far as cheese, there is a difference between personal and passionate. Much respect to all vets. I would be hypocritical to slam him on a thread for him
  17. It's been too long since we had a gif......let's lighten the mood and enjoy our weekend.....Grant, this is for you bud. I see you lurking.

  18. Hell its always been like that ...throughout history most soldiers become soldiers for that reason (or they were forced to) Anyone who truly understands war and "wants" it shouldn't be in the military.

    I doubt most people join strictly so they can be willing participants in their own exploit for some future economic benefit.'s mixed reasons why people join including a sense of duty and a desire to serve (I would hope so anyways)

    There's usually mixed reasons or a combination of factors that influences someone to join the military. When I joined the military it was primarily out of a sense of patriotism, duty and gratitude. College money, little excitement & to escape the yoke of my abusive parents were secondary reasons. The last thing I actually wanted was to go to war ...I was willing to though.

    ...pretty much the same as you right cheese? (& like 99% of ev1 else who joins)

  19. It was a mix for me, yes. I'd be lying if I said I did it mostly for a sense of duty.

    I did it partly because I was looking for adventure, and partly because I was bored of my job and college. I was looking for something more meaningful.

    At the time, I felt that if I joined and went to war, I would earn the right to speak out against the military and our political leaders. I never liked the military, even before I joined. I never adjusted properly to military life, but I was just barely smart enough to fake it.

    I do not take well to authority - never have. Even as a child, my defiance was the bane of my parents' existence. The only thing that ever motivated me was doing the opposite of whatever I was being told to do. Idk why I'm that way, but that's how I've always been.

    But I wanted to understand the military. I wanted to go to war and get the battle scars and earn my stripes, not because I am a war monger, but because I wanted to be able to speak from a position of experience when the day came for me to speak out against the military.

    The worst thing a person can do to a vet is to degrade the value of their service. Especially if you're not a war vet yourself.

    I'm a war vet. Purple Heart. I love America. I think we are the luckiest people on the planet to have what we have. But I am very much against the way our military has been used.

    Maybe it's time to make a new thread. This is getting off topic 
  20. lol well you should have never been allowed to join in the 1st place 