FNS declares war

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  1. "The good old days 1 vs 1 clan osw"
    Please kid, dont talk about something you dont know.
    Since the beginning there was only a few 1 vs 1 clan osw. Everyone has allies, and if you've true alliance, they will back you ever if you dont need help.
    Zerg keeps saying they're only allied to LSA (of course it's a lie), but if we follow their reasoning, there's LSA their allies Zerg.
    So why aren't we suppose to war with our allies/friends ?
    Allies are here to support you in osw. If they come help it just means they want to have fun warring in a war game. It doesn't mean we're too weak to handle a clan who has many naked and many runners in only one week of war.
    Mourga, do not forget it's just a game. There's no need to start lying and crying about a game. If you're only an eb hitter, just run.
    But if you're a warrior, and i hope you're, just fight back, and we will all have fun.
    Thank you
  2. Worse thing when you act tough 
  3. Our clan osw against Zerg a year ago. Mourga is a difficult person to deal with. Although he is difficult to deal with but he understand what is right and wrong. LSA in another hand I don't like until now. They cause trouble over nothing. They mostly inactive and like to chest pump. I would love to hit them but it's not worth my time hitting them. I hope they will learn from this war that their action affect their ally clans. Zerg I know you like LSA as ally clan because they are mostly Zerg alumni. But not worth keeping them if they have poor leadership. Good luck everyone
  4. ^ You declared war on Zerg BECAUSE you thought they were LSA mains, which again, we're completely different clans - we're allies. That is why we joined the war, kinda made us obligated don't ya think? Just looking for someone to point the blame on because you couldn't do **** all to LSA.

    You're talking about runners and naked people in an EB clan. Obviously its going to happen, but after "trimming the fat" we're left with a pretty solid core group of people that can bang.

    The fact that you're responce to us winning the battles, was "OG ALLY CLANS HAAAAAAAAAAAAAALPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP" is less than pathetic. Usually its the defending clan that has to ask for help, being unprepared and all... Not the declaring clan. Hahaha, You guys have been prepping for this for a while "Everyone build spy def towers" - good advice in your CC a couple weeks before war. Yet you still came unprepared, now you have met the Swarm. :cool:

    This whole war is to save one idiot the embarassment of her own mistake. (That's you Ms Vanquish)The whole reason we're fighting is a lie, I actually find it funny. :lol:

    .. and yet, here we are, Zerg hasn't called in any allies, and we're holdin' up. :twisted:

    So while you're scrolling through your friends list looking for more volunteer soldiers to fight your battle for you, it will be this EB clan thats filling up your news. ;)

    Allies of The Swarm

    -----LSA FIGHTING-----

  5. Building spy def towers in an osw clan is of course a preparation for an osw, but where does it say it was preparation for you? It's just a general order for every account.
  6. Support to our French allies! Way to put the beating on. Let em try to convince you that they are innocent all they want. Even if you had no reason, them playing a war game is good enough.

  7. More defonce!

    Away les boys!
  8. I don't care who started what I know I love osw and I always backing up my friends no metter what for the rest happy kawing to everyone
  9. wdgaf will osw fns
  10. You are a fraud and they are not joining this war so keep on lying statless alt.
  11. Personally there is way too much chest bumping and fist pumping in this forum to start with. That is on both sides of this "issue"

    This all started from some non-member in Zerg saying some rather disagreeable comments that should never be said, yet alone thought.

    Then the egos play in..... I'm gonna call my friends.... No I'm gonna get [insert random Initials of said clan] involved..., blah blah blah.

    FNS you received your apology from LSA already. (Zerg is not the main clan of LSA, just an ally) The war only continues now because you want it, plain and simple. I have no issue with that. Like some of your members have said too, I like to war as well.

    The heads of both clans need to sit down and talk privately. And stop letting your members flex muscles and use egos in forums to further escalate the issue.

    On a personal note, I've enjoyed warring against you FNS. Nearly all of you have been respectful In wall posts I've had a good time. (Special props to some Sicniss members, you done quite well at making an effort to keep me pinned lol)

    Stop the nonsense here - leave it out on the battlefield. This will not be resolved by you, by me or anyone but the owners of Zerg and FNS/HoG/ etc etc.

    And about the 1 vs 1 aspect. In 4 years, that really didnt happen much. Kaw has ALWAYS been a game of who's got the bigger friends. Even in history, regardless of if your American, French, Canadian, a mixture... Most major wars have been decided that way.

    I shall continue to war as a happy foot soldier until I'm told to stop or forced to stop. Either way, best of luck to both sides and since the initial matter has been already resolved and now it's down to egos, helpfully friendships can be created from these dark dark days.

    That's just my two cents. Happy warring

  12. Dear OmegaLSA,
    Zerg hasn't called any allies ?
    Should we talk about Cygnus' members in zerg ? 
    Do not forget there's 32 peoples who joined zerg since 48 hours after the beginning of the war. You couldn't make me believe, they're all zerg's members.

    I just want to add thank you Hobbs for warring and hitting back.
  13. LSA/Zerg good luck that all I can say because your going to need it

    Respect FnS
  14. I just want to shake my head. This is a joke, yes Zerg your an eb clan but that does not mean you still only hit ebs when you are in osw. Try some p v p it's really fun when someone hits back. Trust me on this one I know it all.
  15. Respect to Hobbs . Something tells me if you were running Zerg this would be over already. Your leader chose to add the mouth of the south instead. 
  16. HOBBS2100
    Much respect keep up the cool head 
  17. Hobbs,

    I never got to proofread. 
  18. Ok to respond to the few posts after.

    Cygnus is an ally, like you stated. But as a former member of the clan I can assure you that they have not entered into this "issue". There are a couple alts of main members of them but they have been here for months. (Before the matter started)

    There are however friends like myself who did come after war was declared. We came as single fighters and do not speak for our clans.

    Zerg does epics yes, but so does every clan, they have warred many clans before... Just read up.... IDD has even said that. With that being said they don't constant war no.... But by all means are not a noob epic clan... So please stop trying to pick fights about it.

    If we try to be civil, especially here. Then a faster resolution could potentially be earned.
  19. Support to frens in FnS. Keep it simple, no drama, respect