FlameAssassin scamming ppl during charm trading

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by JBoys, Oct 10, 2017.

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  1. Very true x_x he got me and I told him if he were not a man of his word I would farm him until he decides to be one or quits one or the other. Well aware that the devs do absolutely nothing. The things he says are just pathetic and hateful. He can talk big all he wants but he lives in pin and knows it. Now ppl at least see him for who he is is all
  2. I told you in pm I know exactly who you are
  3. Hahahaha i got pretty much the exact same rants from him after i told him to do one
  4. You consider this to be trolling?

    Are you srs right now?

    You must be high if you consider "slit your throat" and "your parents deserve to be slaughtered and stoned you pathetic mistake" trolling.

    You people will say anything to cover for this massive jerk.

    Bullying this individual?

    This "person" has been running around KaW talking like this to multiple people and we're bullying him?

    You are so blind defending this "thing".
  5. I believe the dude is trolling, doesnt excuse his behaviour though. I hope the KaW community works together to make sure this idiot never enjoys this game again.
  6. Idk who you are nor do I care he scammed me and I'm not crying farming him. All I know about the guy is he's got a screw lose. He's a horrid person.
  7. Wow with all the suckers coming forward this guy is quickly becoming a scamming legend.
  8. He is no legend. That's almost laughable.no he's clanless and useless.honsetly he should really just stay that way. He will be doing everyone a favor.
  9. The mug scamed me aswell gonna get his arse farmed daily now
  10. This is why I love Kas. He may not love me, but I'll admire him from afar.
    That being said, I have a few things to add to this.
    1) that kid is a turdbucket. Not for scamming, but for the racial slurs. You can't help what color you are.
    2) if you get scammed, that's your own fault. You can't help your color, but you can fix stupid.
    3) the turdbucket is obv deranged and likes the attention. Don't give it to him. Quietly farm until he rage quits, but don't feed him anymore.
  11. Assassin/Barcode, or whatever the hell your name will be next, hope it was worth it. GL 

    Happy KAW'ing all 
  12. lol Flame changed his name. Whats his new name?
  13. Barcode. Link on EasternWizard's wall.
  14. Click jerkbag, takes you right to him ;)
  15. Wow this is just sad.
  16. Indeed it is griz. Very sad and pathetic.

    Happy KAW'ing all 
  17. Why not?

    Hold the dirt bag accountable for cheating people.
  18. I asked support on the day trading came out if it was okay to farm players for their charms, extort charms or even scam players of it. I was curious as to what their stance on it would be, because you're bound to run into scammers.

    This was the reply I received.
    I'm dealing with a scammer myself that I've stripped and kept PnZ for over a day now. Not sure there's anything else that can be done. Maybe name and shame? But ATA made if clear that it's within the rules and they won't be getting involved with scams and charm extortion.
  19. Moral of the story don’t trade charms for anything other than charms. Or get your part of the trade first if you’re doing circles or seals or something. ️
  20. Let's just line them all up and knock them all down.
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