FlameAssassin scamming ppl during charm trading

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by JBoys, Oct 10, 2017.

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  1. Some_dude his words do not hurt me I’m upset he scanned my wife out of 140 mil stats in charms and scanned a good friend I only posted the words he used as to show the kawmunity he’s not only a thief scammer but a racist insulting person and it’s not cool but yeah you are wrong and he unfollows the ppl he scans ASAP so they can’t SS what happens fo probe it so are you calling my wife , my very good friend and others a liar ?? And follow me back and we can talk about you are not better than him to even defend him and question my wife’s and my friends honesty like they would just accuse him of scamming them for fun ? And all accuse the same player so add it up and do not quote on me and my feelings when you have never spoken to me it shows lack of intelligence
  2. Idk, just because you, your wife and your friends make claims doesn’t mean it’s the truth.

    Bottom line- you made a gamble trading with someone you shouldn’t have and you got burned. Live and learn.
  3. Thank you :)
  4. And do you agree with the player ln his behaviour? Do you support scamming, racism & this toxicity? Because you quite clearly do according to your statements - honestly, grow a damn brain, this thread isn't about the scamming, it's about the racism & toxicity of flame-assasin.

    According to your logic - any and all witnesses in any case, such as murder, are invalid - you truely don't have a single bit of intelligence do you?
  5. This is FlameAssassin
  6. Nightmare Machine alt? Or MHAWK Machine? They talk the same. Filthy animals.
  7. Flame still plays haha?
  8. I don’t care what goes on in your pm, who you talk to is your choice. If you decide to talk to “scamming toxic racists” that’s on you. I’d rather not myself.

    Actually when it comes to witnesses their credibility has to be determined as well as their connection to the accused or accuser. Those factors greatly determine the credence given to their testimony.

    It’s amusing watch you whine about toxic people then instead of being capable of having a discussion yourself you devolve directly into attacking my intelligence.
  9. And yet sully you put yourself into a box with your argument. According to you, witnesses are tested on credibility - then explain to me why all these witnesses are not credible; why would they bother all targeting the same person? Why would this abuse occur then?

    Also I feel no need to whine, according to ToU he must be banned - abuse isn't allowed in any mediums, PMs included - and devs can check even unfollowed pms.

    Again, think your arguments through - you're still in part defending this players actions lel
  10. I’m not in a box, I don’t have to prove the credibility of anything. This case was brought to forums and whined about, yet it appears to me to be severely lacking.
    You tell me why you are all bullying one person?
    How were so many friends dumb enough to be scammed and trolled by one person?

  11. Lmao - you're calling the action of calling out a player on toxicity & racism bullying?
    You wonder why I target your intelligence; you clearly lack any; according to you racism & toxicity is fine but calling it out is not? Idiocy at its finest
  12. It's not even about the scam in my opinion.

    It's his attitude and racial slurs.

    Leads me to believe he's either some white neo-nazi too scared to say the things he says in the game in real life because he'll get beat up by the neighborhood kids.

    Or someone who is an immigrant themselves and experienced these things being said to them. So now it's "do unto others as they have done to you".

    Either way it's sick and I only wish karma comes back onto them a hundredfold.
  13. Again, who you talk with in PM is your business and your choice. You choose to converse with “toxic” people. Crying about it in forums is also your choice, however having no actual ability to back yourself up other than to be toxic and derogatory yourself is very revealing.

    I’d wager you and your friends bullied this person, only posted only the PM’s of them after you’d angered them with your derogatory speech (which of course you omitted) and now are attempting to get help in forums because you and your friends can’t do anything about one person.
  14. Yup I'm gonna live and he's gonna learn
  15. And you ignore the racism again - that type of reaction/ behaviour doesn't come from a stable non-racist person, which you obv. ignore and avoid in any way since you know you messed up in your argument and showed your support to the racist player - that's all there is to say
  16. I do enjoy the banner flame. You have scouted me a few times where you usually maintain a status of pnz due to myself a much much smaller account. Keep up the good work
  17. I support 2 things:

    1. The unfollow button
    2. The block button

    I do not support people that:

    1. Whine and cry in situations they subject themselves to.
    2. Can’t handle their problems that are of their own creation and think whining is a good solution.

    Again you are trying to be derogatory towards me. You probably can’t conceptualize that it’s not that I support him, I just don’t support you.
  18. I must agree. To an extent we have all been threw alot and if you haven't then you will. Regardless of what he may or may not been threw there is no reason for his behavior.we all know the difference between right and wrong. He made his bed and now he's gotta lay in it there are consequences good or bad for every action. Deal with it
  19. Scamming people out of charms is OK, devs already said they're not getting involved in bad trade deals

    That being said I don't know why this guy is flaming so hard

    You want to scam people to ahead and try it

    But this is something else
  20. [​IMG]

    The kind of people FlameAssassin remind me of
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