Fixed: bug with stats on some equipment and charms

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  1. I received a pet and 100 xtals lol... wow
  2. Biyamiti deserves the credit. He created the forum thread with examples of mechs proving the flaws players had complained about for a long time. Which led to many players contacting “help” to focus dev attention...finally.

    Devs screwed up. Mods did squat to deserve credit here. It’s kinda nauseating for devs to now give mods and themselves credit.

    At least they finally fixed it. Good job Biyamiti, and thank you for your work on thread and work with devs tonfix mechs.

    Thx for the rocks and butt ugly pet tho devs.
  3. Does this mean that charms and equipment will now work ? .... these bugs have been fixed ???
  4. So when do i get all my charms returned of which didn't work for months so i figured they never will to go and trade them for furniture to find out you have gone and fixed the problem now! Not impressed. Might have to change app store rating to minus stars now!!!
  5. yep good job to Biyamiti for the thread.
  6. I know y'all need to focus on big things, but do you plan to fix compatibility with the iPhone X... If so I'll love you longtime <3
  7. Well. Nice to see the peeps with 100 accounts / alts are getting pets that can be dismantled because they had a few charms on the account.

    Way to imbalance the market, but then again, this thread shows us the devs running KaW are clueless. Would have made sense to make the pet untradeable / can't be dismantled like the Heckfire throne, but now you've just severely imbalanced furnishings scene. I just got pets on every account of mine. Smh. Typical ATA. No foresight.

    So now you're going to see multiple maxed pets because ATA handed out free pets to every account and alt that had a few charms. :lol:
    From one Fire to the next eh Mark. Who thought it was a good idea to inject so many pets into the economy lol. Atleast if they were like the Heckfire throne it would make sense.
  8. I second please add iphone X support
  10. Did you really? I should be getting it too, since they said all players affected will get same comp. I’m pretty sure I was affected. :(
  11. Venom has a point Mark, make them not tradeable
  12. Biyamiti's thread definitely deserves credit here. It was clear and systematic, and easy to follow his testing. After reading it we started digging around to see what could be going on in those particular scenarios, which eventually led to finding the bug.

    In cases like this it's often a multitude of sources coming together that lead to a solution. Biyamanti's thread, you guys' reports to support, who pass those on to us, and the moderators bringing it up as well.

    I know I speak for the rest of the team when I say we really are sorry this bug was around and we understand it must have been frustrating. Again, we've had some changes on the team and I'm not saying that to make excuses, but hopefully it does give some context as to the why and how of this issue.

    Yes, it has been fixed. : )
  13. To reiterate, I got 10+ free pets thanks to this Mark. It is quite clear none of you playtest your own game to fine tune mechanics and their balance, but right now, what you've done is given almost every account/alt a pet that can be dismantled.

    I kmow multiple people with 50-100 accounts that are going to profit majorly from this. Why? This throws the furnishings market in disarray from all the free pets that have inundated it.
    Does no one think these things through? I'm only a junior Game Developer in the industry and I can tell you how bad of an idea giving out pets that can be dismantled to very account with a few charms is.

    "From one fire to the next" new ATA moto perhaps? If your idea was to compensate everyone, why worsen the furnishings scene and imbalance it severely, or are ATA so out of sync with their player base that the didn't have the foresight to know what handing out dismantlable pets to ever account / alt with a gee charms would do?

    Make them untradeable and like the Heckfire throne.
  14. I got it. Thanks for fixing this ATA. :)
  15. Thanks for the constructive feedback.
  16. It’s too late... they’re already being traded and dismantled
  17. @Mark, well the damage is done.

    Also, the furnishing display counter has a display glitch. It doesn't go past 2.14B, which is against the limit of a 32B long integer.
    I should have something closer to 2.3b, but can't see it because of the display glitch. Don't you think basic fixes like this would make for a better UX? Ally BFA counter has the sale issue. Sigh.
  18. ...also a cs display for charms/rewards would sure be nice
  19. I guess that's a fire for another day.