FIX necromancer drops for large players

Discussion in 'Strategy' started by Erick, May 8, 2017.

  1. Developers since you didn't hear us last time, FIX THE DROPS FOR LARGE PLAYERS. When my 30m cs alt can receive 3-5x more necromancer totem than this account which is about 600m cs this is ridiculous.
    95 actions on both accounts on zta I'll receive around 105 totems on this account and 200 on my alt How is that possible? Both have the same crux and spells on this is just insulting. It's as if you want players to remain low combined stats to have an easy time with these events.
  2. It's possible because the game thinks the eb is harder to the smaller account so it'd get a higher drop. Stupid, I know
  3. Makes sense imo, gives small people a better chance.
  4. Support.

    Devs made a tonne last event cos bigger players like myself had to max xtal a bunch of ebs just to get the godforged equipment.

    Congrats to the devs for finding a way to get the big spenders to spend even more.

    Anyway, I learnt my lesson last event and will be reducing my spending now that there's no point in growing.
  5. I haven't spent a single dollar cheeko and I'm almost top 50 :mrgreen: .
    Earn free nobility :p .
  6. Squishy, you and I are also a fraction of his size, which is what the post is about (mainly the totem drops though, big players seem to get fair drops of favour from what I've seen).
  7. It's only totem. Big players still get better favor drops. They don't really got much to complain about. Your big and you get better favor drops lol, and if you doing ZTA and HTE you most likely get max drops anyways if you big.

    People always got something to complain about in this game.
  8. Support dis nub
  9. Yes, but favour isn't what the forum post is about, it's about the totem pieces. Everyone wants to be able to upgrade their equipment as high as possible, and it seems that it's harder for bigger players to do right now.
  10. Is this the obligatory once-per-event drop post?
  11. Squshy the reason why we receive more favors is because we do more damage to the eb thus the minimum
    Amount of damage or gold required to receive max items decreases , so the bigger you get the lesss items .
    Totems is the opposite the bigger you get the less items you get, which is a HUGE issue you're punishing people for spending money and growing like what the hell is going on with this game
  12. That is the devs reasoning and tbh it's a good one
  13. Look at Jules EB history or any other big clan do the drops look like they need to be increased? You're simply to strong for the EB do a bigger one.
  14. No support

    Small builds always get screwed, so you should too, whale

    Screw you 
  15. I'm playing the worlds smallest violin right now, just for you OP.
  16. Dev's already posted they're working on a fix in WC.
  17. Both of you must lack brain ability better chance at what? You get no extra gold for how many necro items you receive it has nothing to do with it
  18. Do you honestly think hitting one of the weakest EB's as strong as you are should pay a crap load of these totems things? It's like the equivalent of me farming warbeast all event and expecting to get maxed equip off of it.
  19. You're going to compare warbeast to zta made a fool out of yourself, no need for me to even respond
  20. No you won't respond because you have the mind of a walnut. I'm saying how easy they are but we can say revenge of warbeast since that's pay to win if it make's you feel better. At the end of the day hit something that's harder or stop whining.