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  1. What was your first clan? Post and say something about it and wether its still active.

    My first clan was Mouse House.

    Back then, I did not know about EB's. I whacked the battle list laughed at some ragers who hit me back the one guy said "Hit EB's" I asked him what in gods name were they and i found myself joining his clan (Mouse House) and hitting Warbeasts. Some memorable players were Ancienne (Now before Celeborn comes charging along). Ancienne is possibly the only reason I still play this game due to EB advice. She wasn't so bad back then but before she got perm'ed silence she changed. There's also TheFireStarter, which gave me build advice and some other guys which I can't remember.

    Whats your first clan?
  2. Deathlands. I started there hitting ambush, after a few solid days of being clanless and hitting the battle list.

    Trader, the guy who ran the place with his small army of alts named after Monty Python and the holy grail characters, taught me quite a bit considering I just wanted to hit people.
  3. Duckys Pond or something like that.. I remember Liebling was my first wall post inviting me for a pwar

    Wasn't really a proper home clan thgh because I hopped around looking for pwars

    My first two proper clans were Soldier of Fortune and Conclave of Shadows
  4. Alpha Dogs...

    B2B pwars with Damo666 taught me how important max plunder was.. We had a few clans we hopped with, but Nikki, Mr Pig, Borg, Ogre, Randy, and Rain were my first real friends..

    Hotel Casino taught me to be an awesome admin...

    My First home was Mastodon, where I hit my first (nearly) BC OSF Modboss.. Mod taught me a lot about running an OSF and in turn the real game mechs.. The real nitty gritty, met a tonne of great people from there, many of whom I still talk to today..

    Since Mast, I've been a dirty hobo, holing up where ever I can.. I like it better this way..

    Man those were some memories..
  5. I can't remember, that was 4 years and 11 months ago on my main. Lmao. I can't even remember if I ate breakfast this morning...
  6. xXxSPARTAxXx

    Such a great family, wish they were still around
  7. First clan dam that takes me back to the good old noob days without a care in the world, id trade everything I've gained on this game just for one more day back in my clan.

    Nights of the living monsters

    Couldn't get a better clan to start from, may have been just a small clan but it was the best bunch of people I've had the pleasure to know.

    Sertman - couldn't get a better clan owner
    Azlan - very old good buddie of mine
    Strikone - started my path down the noob pvp
    Ghost - this guy went on to becoming a omet

    Sadly many went inactive after the clans disbandment, most stayed active for a while but to my knowledge, only I am the last member still active todate.
  8. Vanguard, back in the pwar days, x-hades is my "main" (I used that account first)
  9. KissMyAnthea my first clan and one of the best times I had in this game, with Peter, Ruland Flyboy and so many more that clan was one of the craziest and most memorable I've ever been in we pulled so much crap in that clan it wasn't even funny lol
  10. iG.. Inactives nowadays
  11. Rebel Inklings
    Now disbanded, but damn... The memories.
    I think we used to do the awakening a lot?
    Credit time DastardlyDone for volleying me and teaching th's basics.
  12. Cod black ops 2 or something. Then xEPICNESSx
  13. WiG

    Although first real family was Wingless Angels

  14. Power of one with dirka good memory's that was with the acc I lost now with this acc was gods of the damn now if you have been there you know it was full of great times and good laughs all the clan mates were and most of them still good friends twi blod bmac Vix Badrobot and a lot more still love you guys and gals made the impossible happen there
  15. Mine was Legion of Death, the clan has been long disbanded but many of us still play, its where I started over 4 years ago before ebs and whatnot, those members will always remain my family, they raised me from a wee nooblet 
  16. I started out in: The Secret Jedi council
    Run by Obi-Wankenobi and his son Luke. Lol

    Those were the good old days
  17. Assassins Destiny my home for a year, tried to merge with another clan it didnt work out both clans disbanded and most people left :(
  18. My first clan with my lost acct HLU was UN Secret Service. I was recruited by Umbabumba learned about the game through Trillian and Sulfuricpie. Moved on from there to my next main clan SLE with Faeg,MissB, Ped, and many other great friends. Now with my new acct started in A Mastodon sub clan Riverwood or RIVERTHORN I can't really remeber. Till I ended up in my new home at DB4D.