Festival of the Ring-Giver

Discussion in 'Past Events' started by [ATA]Grant, Dec 16, 2016.

  1. RIP Devs are screwing with y'all lmao
  2. When will it end?
  3. Thank you!!!
  4. Seems like an ok event
  5. No ZTA?

    And no achievements?
  6. Loving the theme of the event! Good stuff!
  7. So nothing special for Christmas/New Year...
  8. I dont know if this is a bug, but is Top 500 War Event meant to give out 25/40k equipment?
  9. Why would u point that out
  10. New event to run over xmas and finish new years eve.. are you guys for real. You could have waited until after the holidays.. jeez.
  11. Give it a dam brake devs! Jeuse!
  12. What he said
  13. Hey u worthless apes, so no enchanted eb that yall rigged the vote for, and new event series instead of continuing the previous one. So guess banner tokens are trash. Pull your head out if your ass
  14. Getting "Loading" when trying to view the equipment in the rewards window.
  15. What they said...but in more eloquent speech
  16. It'd be nice if clans that did the 3pm est war slot would get their war tokens. Just a thought
  17. Dear Devs,

    You are all potatoes.

    Best Wishes
  18. By the event timer clock, the event started at 12pm pst although it did not pop up until 2pm (ish) PST. Was the ee lowland war fought during that time intentionally not supposed to award war tokens? (Screwing over 150 or so of us)
    Or did the entire event start 2 hours late (screwing over the whole community)?
    Just curious...
  19. Warrers? Nice word lol have another beer
  20. This