Favorite Pc game as of late

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  1. So I was just wondering what pc game everyones enjoyed playing recently.
    Personally ive been enjoying rust and more recently the Division :p (steam reviews are mostly useless crying and complaining)
  2. the hype is fake
  3. Rust was fun for a bit now their are a bunch of rust like games just a different skin , as for games I personally like league of legends and StarCraft
  4. Medieval total war 2.

    Has been my favourite game for 10 years lol
  5. That game was amazing the siege battles were my favorite
  6. Great game

    Also the Division sucks, its graphics are being held back on PC so it's fair to console peasants
  7. EVE Online, great game once you get past the learning curve
  8. Counterstrike: Global Offensive
    Far Cry Primal
  9. Civ V.... Weekends disappear before you've even completed 3 eras

    So farcry 4 with a different skin?
  10. Rocket league
  11. Ive really been itching to play starcraft 2 but I just havent been able to find it at a resonable price for what I think I might get out of it
  12. I always used to set up battles where i had a sugar honey iced tea load of cavalry, then the opposition would have tons of infantry and artillery. i alsways won of course... easiest mode
  13. Battle for Middle-Earth 2: Rise of the Witch King

    Well, it was. Then the OS X update made the wineskin version of the game incompatible. I still love that game though, does anyone what the average cost for the PC version of that game is? I wish there was a non-pirate way to digitally download it.

    Also, that's one of the few computer games I've ever played (I have a bunch of games on steam, but I never play them at all, they're just sitting in my library), and I believe my first real-time strategy game that I was good at.

    Another also: although it's quite an old game, it still has a pretty good modding community still. The Edain Mod for it is probably the best mod it has and it really changes up the gameplay from the vanilla version. If you ever plan on playing it you should get that mod. The current downside to that mod is that the developers are German, so it can be a little difficult to understand some things, but that doesn't really matter.
  14. I prefer to mix my armies ( I still play it daily )

    Call it a jack of all trades army, 4 armoured swordsman, 4 dismounted English Knights, 2 bodyguard and 10 archer units. Set up on any bridge and watch the slaughter. It's not uncommon on bridges or siege defences to lose less than 100 men for 1k enemy losses. Epic wins ;)
  15. Skyrim, Gmod, Battlefront 2 (i hated battlefront 3)
  16. Battlefront 3 was terrible. Shouldn't even be considered a part of the Battlefront series.
  17. Urban assault (old but gold), empire at war,
    this war of mine, and goat simulator.
  18. Rocket League, Skyrim, and Stardew Valley
  19. Not playing much skyrim myself right now but rocket league and stardew valley are amazing.