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  1. I think his butt hurt 
  2. Regen is spelt regain lmfao 
  3. Be careful, ZAFT may KILL YOU :p
  4. Not with the current ones hitting me lol..look at the zaft nub nix on my wall
  5. You're with Pure Evil? I was with ZAFT UK for all of 2 days while they were farming Pure Evil. It was like stomping on road kill. No action at all. Something like 100 unreturned hits.

    Rock on with your bad self.
  6. He is posting with what I assume to be his main. But, it's a pure spy account (big, but still pure spy). No allies to strip. No gold to plunder. Therefore, until game mechanics are altered, if ever, there is low risk involved in OP's posts. On the other hand, OP is fighting while others just talk. There is significant value, in my opinion, in putting up and walking the walk. 
  7. good luck to u, lol.
  8. Nice Allies @Op

    -| Eagle |-
  9. I joined pure evil after going against zaft,,I figured why not? we have a common enemy and PE is one of the very few clans with the courage to not bow down to zaft...and if had ever been in real osw you would understand that it's hard to fight back when it's 50 on a few,,so that might be why u got no returned inc. try a 1v1 with anyone in this clan I bet u get your eb fairy butt handed to u ;)
  10. That was @ n8 btw
  11. Read the conversation between me and nix on my wall, a zaft admin, it's a perfect example of zaft...he says he could eat me for lunch but totally ignores the challenge of 1v1...
  12. @page 2- i wouldn't abbreviate regenerated o_O regained is a legitimate word hence why i said regain, regenerated sounds like a dr.who reference :roll:
  13. Go to the oracle and if you notice it uses the term regen, not regain
  14. Its just a clan

  15. It's just a clan

  16. So wait lethal you send people to your wall to see how bad ZAFT admin are but instead I see you calling someone's native language as "mongrel gibberish". Yes you definitely showed the kaw community who is the better person....(facepalm)
  17. Lol^

    Screw the oracle this is my game now *hacks the server* :p
  18. Nellis did I say I was a better person? U need to read original post again,,this isn't a cry for help, I'm not trying to win people over,,I'm simply pointing out that nix claims he could "eat me for lunch" but won't prove it
  19. And I'm simply stating you're an attention whore trying to make others look bad but it backfired.