Farming: the Misconception

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  1. TZ made a thread on this and I have no clue where it is so I decided to make this thread.

    Definition of farming: repeated hits over a recurring amount of time

    The 5-hit rule: hit someone only 5 times maximum per day

    I've seen this word being misused on world chat and palringo chat that I just felt the need to point this out: FARMING IS NOT HITTING OVER 5 TIMES!

    Here's an example:

    Someone hits you 18 times. This is not farming because he doesn't repeatedly hit you over a recurring amount of time. This is disobeying the 5 hit rule.

    Someone hits you 3 times every hour. This IS farming because he keeps repeating the intervals. He will also eventually break the 5 hit rule.

    Thanks for your time and use the word correctly now! Thank you Wrathbane for reminding everyone what farming really is.

    blumpy, the renegade
  2. Words eventually evolve to match their usage. If the general usage of a word changes, the meaning changes with it. You can tell this is happening when people clearly understand what is being said despite the fact that the literal translation of the words being used contradicts their intent.

    People spend too much time arguing over what truly constitutes "farming". What is clear is that hitting over 5 is very likely to tick someone off and doing it repeatedly could earn you the title of "clan farm".

    That said, call it whatever the hell
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  4. So basically "farming" is just slang for "disobeying the 5 hit rule"?
  5. It seems to often be the case Blumpy - and as happens w/ most slang usage, it's gets the backs up of the elders 
  6. Alright, I'll assume you're right just because you're nyn.
  7. Ur cracking me up man 
  8. Lol just saving myself from being brutally embarrassed by the KaW public when you introduce an argument much better than mine XP
  9. Both of you are correct.. Your statement of what farming is,is true. And Nyns point as the "morphing" of the true meaning used by general public.. So you both can have an ice cream  :)
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    Talk about your mophed word meanings
  11. I thought Scarlet was the one who made a thread on this.
  12.  u blumpy. Support 100%
  13. Would it be farming if you attack more than five times but are defeated in all attempts?
  14. I ask because the FAQ clearly states farming is hitting repeatedly for profit. If you lose your battles, you are not profiting.
  15. What annoye me the most is people who complain on the farmer clan instead of fighting like a man
  16. As defined, farming is a repeated hits. So hitting me 3 times is already farming, repeatedly hitting me for 3 times.

    Thats farming!

  17. Read my wall. Full page of farming complaints :( some people don't understand an troop unload really isn't farming. Then they retaliate, then I retaliate,.. Etc etc. They stop. Ppl need to stop hitting osfs like crack