FarmFest2017 THE BIG 1Q STRIP

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  1. Welcome, Welcome... guys and girls, fairyz and farmers, noobs, newbs and nubs, unicorn RP'ers, nosy little scrubz who think they win annnnnnnd finally all you big pretend bad boys.

    Welcome to the FarmFest 2017 Strip thread!

    I’d like show you our 1Q strip! As judges, we had to pick a hte fairy, someone who has probably never farmed in their kaweer! Not only that but we needed to make sure it wasn’t a damn apoc/Res/fury and bruh, dey Lyke haf of kaw so our brainz.... Dey hurt4dayzzzzzz.

    However! We did it, we found a candidate and stripped them bare like a new born baby! Then we dragged that baby screaming and kicking away from its mother’s breast!!!

    At 6amGMT Pure Evil and judges, in the name of FarmFest 2017 stripped a fairy from SuckerPunch named Judith03. We stripped her nekkid of 910Ts and she still sits nekkie to this very second. In just under 3 minutes a whopping 1120 steals were run on her. We had an extremely small strip window where everyone could be around to blitz.. but blitz we did and she still sat nekkie! The whole force of FF xtalled to the max on this, I do have to say Keith and nick.. i was extremely impressed with how fast your fingers move <3 i personally would just like to express my utter SHOCK at how poorly SP helped their member Judith. yeah, she's a fairy, i gets dat.. but BRUH SP what the actual hell. if i was a member of your clan I'd be disgusted. Wait ago. if i could give SP a gold star on clan-manship SP would NOT get it.

    On behalf of Pure Evil, I Roxey, would personally like to thank the following clans who's representatives showed fantastic sportsman ship! Putting aside their OSW drama to keep for the good of raising awareness of farming! Even though these women PMS all over your screen on a daily basis they managed to swallow a load and keep it clean.

    To RedHotVixen who represents All of Apoc. As always dear, you scrutinized everything, you organised like a trooper and yes, you shown us all that Apoc just don't hit those nasty big trees and ghosts! seriously though. kaw would not be kaw without you! (I still want to strip more of your mods)

    To Ladyash who represents Resilience.. well.. i gotta point this out to you all. Ash is crazy. she's rotten. i tell ya if i wasn't a heterosexual women.. i mean ASH. she's like a stab vest, flowers, fairy dust and Led Zeppelin mixed in to a big ol' pot of boobs! love you ash <3 4evs!

    Ty - you spent half your time training whilst FF was on. A balance of farming and fairy.. :lol: :lol: but your still the best goat to me!

    Crystalee - your always a good sport, thanks for letting pure evil host FF at Sabotage again! you're always awesome, thanks for representing all of Apoc!!

    CanadianGal - thanks For helping run Pure Evil in another successful FarmFest! for a Canadian you sure do like to get angry! we can work on this though! crazy pants :p

    Ashes - Thanks for being our poolboy who brought us pizza and drinks and gave temple massages whilst we judge hard, we all know you love being around our boobs, i gotta say you’d be the first we'd all invite over for a pillow fight *winkwink*

    Blazey!! my crazy Russian-vodka-slurping friend. FF wouldn't be FF without you! meeting (and farming you) in black hand way back when was love at first sight! thankyou for representing Fury! You sound like you have a stick up behind 24/7 but i know better! You have 6!

    Elizabeth - thankyou for representing NAL.. you guys are always welcome to PE. We share a common goal! #pepeboobs!!! Liz your package will never be bigger then mine but we’ll always have our special friend in common! #DTs

    Rissa - coughJAILBAITcough.. you're all grown up! and damn you got good at kaw. Riss & Ren (cutest couple on kaw btw) Rissa thankyou for stock piling 910Ts for the FF judges for our strip!

    Bunny - thankyou for representing a non-farming clan. y'all might be Fairyz but you really showed us Fairyz can have fun too! Onsey really needs to appreciate you more. I dunno what you see in that total TOOL!

    Thankyou to everyone for keeping this event alive. Archados the creater of Pure Evil who no longer plays Kaw is extremely happy that farming still has a place on kaw. You've all been great sports! CC was always full of enthusiasm, inappropriate conversations, hilarious banter and lots of farmy love.
    The winners of FarmFest 2017 will be announced on a separate thread in a couple of hours.

    Muchos Love <3
  2. She has like 150M SDT.. you naughty naughty witches..
  3. Great job organizing Farm Fest, Rox. Only you... little dictator with a foot fetish that I know clearly has the hots for my toes... can put the above mentioned in a room together to organize something let alone collaborate on something that isn't the death of one another. ️ We love ya. And I know that ALL participants loved it, as usual. My PMs are proof of that. 
    You loud mouth big chested witch are a gorgeous tantrum throwing organizer. 
    Can't say I feel bad about Judith since I had muh reasons.

  4. Lmao!!! :lol:

    Ash, you warm a cold heart with your delicate tones <3
  5. Ty all who organized judged and participated ..had a great time ..

  6. Lmao, we didn't have a hard time with those towers once the BFA had been stripped
  7. TBH.. TLDR... Jk good thread
  8. This deserves a covenant place in the Best of Section!

    I came out of retirement the day before FarmFest and had a blast this weekend. It's always fun hanging out in PE!

    Can't wait until next year when I may or may not actually have stats.

    Keep the flame alive!

    སཇཨ λཧཇ ᏝཇᏀཇསÐᏕ
  9. Hmmm.. who wants to see a leaked video of the ladies "discussing things" in the FF HQ room?
  10. Oh Bravo, You found an easy target to take advantage of. Round of applause to the basement dwellers.
    Now move out of your parent's basement and join the real adult community. It's sad when adults have such little power in real life, that they have to come to a game to make themselves feel better. :lol:
  11. I suptis here by announce my candadency!
  12. Judith had it coming... oh and hello stateless little alt.
    I do love me some tears

    Like Peep joining Veritas after I farmed him.
    Oh and meat72loaf ally lb 200 dropping all allies and leaving clan due to being farmed.

    Deal with it. It's once a year. We don't care.
  13. I do, Ashes. Lol
  14. Funny 

  15. Simio <3
  16. I think ash, that they think, that we think that they think we do care! :lol:

    We like the anti-Xmas
  17. So bootyfully worded haha, good time, see ya next year 
  18. The King approves. 
  19. Dang what a salty salty fairy
  20. Oh my gossshhh thank you to everyone who participated, I only ventured to Sabotage for a short time ( I had to steal Roxey back off Ash) however it was great fun your cc was flowing after someone turned up with 300% crux LOL!

    PE you guys were amazing thank you for the wild, crazy, whacky CC we aren't the most normal bunch around.

    For the judges THANK YOU I had so much fun ♡