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Discussion in 'Wars' started by AZ___aZTeC-KiNG-DooM___TEC, Feb 17, 2015.

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  1. You'll all go PS like you usually do, we will go back to regular business, and smash your banks anytime you bring a new one out... Not our first rodeo.
  2. Gl in osw...support for da bros in Aztec :)
  3. Let's see... First, you started hitting us with both your main clans, and we don't care about 4v1. We just want the credit for hitting your whole family, and us being small makes it even more worthwhile.
    Secondly, which friends have we asked to hit you? I'd like to see that evidence. You're the one who has to ask your allies to run bars on us. We even have a SS of them asking wc to help clear me in that strip... How embarrassing 
  4. Lol @joe , you call it embarrassing , we call it taking the piss
  5. You guys can't clear any strip on your own we both know that, I mean cmon. And you've funded from at least 4 clans ... You know the truth I know the truth. You brought the "osw" you started to forums, because you can't win without "the communities support".

    We are far from bullies, we gave your group easy cf terms last time you tried us. I'm sure erup can fill you in. Even now our cf terms are easy leave clan, stop funding the end. We are far from bullies anyone who knows us knows we usually resolve issues 1v1. Keep grasping at straws tho
  6. hey my troops and spies are full can somebody give me some incoming im bored :(
  7. any day now :( in all honesty i think you guys in awp are great warriors (keyboard warriors) and thats about it im sitting full with nothing but clan notices in my news feed im waiting for somebody to please pin me
  8. Bro... We have ss of your 970 member Family saying they'd help clear strips... So don't play that card.

    In terms of funding you have

    _mischief-N-mayhem_ in project nemesis fronting strips for you.
    And AZ_lord_chaos_TEC in POTS...sooooo..

    As for a cf... Let's be honest. That's not going to happen :)
  9. sharp its your loss not ours we love osw so have it your way hey by the way you can hit that attack button and pin me anytime bruh
  10. Yawn, pz:02 ... Your titles needs changing.
  11. Half bar attack full bar steal and no incoming keep that keyboard warmed up sharp your fingers might freeze buddy

  12. leeches huh ? , that explains the squirming
  13.  you guys have seriously lost so much respect.

    I used to be aztec. Fought with you guys before.

    I can't believe that you wold try to bully AWP, get upset because we aren't taking it. Osw'ing back. Clearing strips. So you got 4v1 advantage. However all that stuff you talked. I was like dang, aztec still might be gangster. Now I see clan a posting in WC trying to help clear strips.

    Stop why you're ahead please.
  14. God this statement contains so much stupid. I do not understand the leech war mentality. Your opponents are constantly becoming stronger while you try and bother them to death or bore them into forgetting about you. That's not fun, that's not war. Kaw...you're doing it wrong.

    Strips talk more than words do.
  15. Since you only became active on this account after osw I'll say it one last time. Your clan started this war not us, I even admitted earlier in thread I didn't want this war. I knew you'd all go barely active PS and this osw would be boring as hell. We didn't and don't bully. You ask our guys to detag (costs $) all we ask is leave war (free). We hit your top 10, you hit our sub's.
  16. Also I sincerely doubt you were really ever Aztec. If you were you would know if you came to one of our leaders with a problem with one of our members we would most likely tell you to smack him 1v1, or if it warranted it, tell our member to knock it off. Tbh this is the first osw we've had where we are bigger, and tbh I don't like it lol I prefer being the underdog.
  17. Geez Aztec, you talk too much. Every time we hit your main clan you guys run to forums. This post needs to be locked. Happy kawing
  18. Anyways, to the few in your clan who been hitting us, much respect, no hard feelings I'm sure some of us will become friends. To those who just talk, shame on you for egging on a war you have no intention on fighting. If you want cf I'm just a pm away, if you want to hit I'm usually around cr15-20 in Aztec.
  19. Seik you still my boy, whether you like it or not :) keep hitting tigs and unds they like it.
  20. Hey I agree with you doom. Infact. I know and like a good amount in aztec. Osw started. So I put my head down and OSW'd. The problem is all the trash talking from aztec who outnumber us.
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