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  1. I'd fail
  2. Ya how dare the devs to start a company and expect to make a profit. Dam them, dam them all to hell.
  3. Shhhh choas its ok :D
  4. recently events are all bout cash flow in.kaw population are dwindling day by day,newbie just grow so-so,not even promo bp/free xtals help them a is really frustrating for people play for free since they also keep this games floating.for big spender,there always have advantages,in fact we cannot argue.devs,crying out loud,pls listen to player community voice who keep this game floating.
  5. if they actually did an event where you genuinely didn't have to spend money to get the good equip and such it would most likely be crap equip now
  6. No incoming money for ATA, no KaW.. Is That to hard to understand? Be glad people spent cash on KaW.
  7. Devs get more income if more people xtal. If people give up on event they wont xtal
  8. All free to play games with in-app purchases end up the same way. You have those folks that are shelling out tons and tons of money just to be on top. The difference I've noticed however is that even if the paying players do end up with the best weapons, armor, stats or whatever else said game offers, those that don't spend any money can still obtain the best things, it just takes them a lot longer to do so.

    With KaW, that isn't the case when it comes to their events. The word unfair has been thrown around a lot, and sure life isn't fair and paying players should be entitled to something for what they do in helping to keep the game up and running, but players that simply aren't fortunate enough to have the massive disposable income that others do, should be given equal opportunity to earn the extremely rare banners and equipment.

    Devs need to give back once in a while and show the KaWmmunity that they aren't ONLY in it for the money. And yes, I understand KaW is a business and as such in the business of making money. But a few times a year I don't think will impact their bottom line significantly enough to hurt them. Black Friday is great, but what about the rest of the year? How about a special on xtal/nob sales? How about a random increase in xtals/nobs purchased? Or better yet, a little something for nothing

    These events are nice in the fact that it gives us something new to do in an otherwise stagnant game. We don't even have to do anything different to really participate. But even they are getting old, and have been for a while.

    So I propose during the week or so that an event is going on, KaW prohibits the use of xtals and nobs, takes HtE and RotWB out of the equation, (in terms of receiving drops from them) and simply bases the event solely on activity, not who can spend the most money. I'm sure it needs some tweaking but there has to be a way it can be done. (Clans in OSW will survive I'm sure)

    Time to give back in one way or another.
  9. I personally think that you should be able to buy equip with bb like that one black market thread said.
  10. I just had an epiphany... the lols are on us, the paying player :lol:

    While many of you took your time grinding through blue haunts for a lil gold, or clan hopping for some weak ass equips...

    Many of us xtalled through HTEs for lots of gold fast, and wars and events for awesome equips (hell my sweet new LVL 1 PvP banner probably cost bout 50 bucks) :lol:

    A few people are even estimated to have spent 10s-100s of 1000s of dollars on this tappity tapper :lol:

    Who spent that on Skyrim or Mass Effect???

    Anyways here's the funny part...

    This game will be dead in 2-3 years :lol:

    And we'll still be spending money like crack fiends :lol:
  11. The devs need to make a profit it's not wrong of them they give us an ad free game that has regular events which is pay to win but that's were the profit is made.

    Buck up.
  12. They should start charging money for posting forums. Call it a premium
  13. Oh no, free stuff. People that pay get better stuff than the free stuff? Wow what a concept!
  14. Support, a discount ferrari twould be nice. I'd buy two XD to sit in one an look the other one lol
  15. Happens with all their games
  16. I find this thread funny. Even though I do agree that the events the devs do have are stupid, boring and sometimes unfair. They did make events for pvp, pve and one for both. Pve events are pay to win which the pvp and both event was skills and activity. The only thing I didn't like about the pvp events were the opt in and opt out. Those who complain about the pve events are just wanting to be babied attack that green repeat button shut your mouth and let the big boys make the decisions.
  17. Well I myself find these events irelevent to make a fuss over, even tho this is just a game. Fun. Don't stress out about this just play and have fun!
  18. Dont know why people are still crying im not much happier as the next person who post, we are half way through the event and im only at 600 of those jewels. This event had milestones which i like but no pvp which i was looking forward to.
  19. Full support.