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  1. Hello , just thought I would make a thread asking for people to comment what EBs are dropping skulls items and how many each time.

    I and a lot of people don't pay for HTE so it would help us out a lot if you could help.

    Thanks in advance.

    Event drop list by Eb tier
    ~ means approximately

    Tier 1
    Warbeast- Kerchiefs
    Cover of night- Belt
    Kingdom Assult- Eyepatch
    Depraved- Kerchiefs

    Awakening- Belt(5-20)
    Despair- Eyepatch
    The forgotten ones- shiv(~60)
    Reckoning- mixture of items

    Abandoned Kingdom- Eyepatch
    Foreign Territories- Shiv
    Battle Royal- Kercheif
    Origins- Belt

    Evanescence- Shiv
    No mans land- Kercheifs
    Ambush- Belt
    Destroyer- Eyepatch

    Haunt- Kercheifs
    No Quarter- Belt
    City of the Dead- Eyepatch
    Fod- Shiv
    Hte- all 4 of course

    Toc- Belt
    SS- Shiv
    Sporaks revenge- Belts and Kercheifs

    TGL- ~200 Kercheif and Eyepatch

    Storm the Palace- Shivs

    The Frozen City- Kercheif
    Sleeping Giant- Kercheifs(varied)

    Smoke Signals- Belts(150-360)
    The summoner- Eyepatch(200-460)
    AFF- Shiv(100-300)
    Asof- Kercheif

    ROTB/HTE- drops all4
    LOTL- drops nothing
    BR ebs- drop nothing

    If the Eb is not listed it has no data currently.

    Big thanks to kangaguin for neat edit and DN_Kassio for the info :) :D
  2. Thanks for making the thread.
    Reck dropped quite a few items for people - 100 or so of this and that. No skulls. :)
  3. Sleeping giant 22-57 kerchiefs for me.

    Good thread, just what I was looking for ahha
  4. Abandon kingdom 21 eye patches
    TFO 58 shivs
  5. TGL 200 kerchiefs and 200 eyepatches
  6. :) From what I've seen:
    NML - kerchiefs
    Haunt - Kerchiefs
    Destroyer - eyepatch
    Awakening - Belt (5 - 20)
    TFO - Shiv (60ish)
    Origins - Belt
    Despair - Eyepatch
    Ambush - Belt
    Abandoned Kingdom - Eyepatch
    Depraved - Kerchiefs (70 - 130)
    Sorry about the random order and the lack of numbers :?
  7. Is it based on amount of hits or otherwise?
  8. SR - Belts and kerchiefs
    STP- Shivs
  9. Yes the amount of hits and damage done to the eb determines how many event items you get
  10. @assassin

    Just an idea. You could update your op to include all this information, it would make it easier to navigate for everyone.
  11. Thanks for the info guys :)
    Just updated it now :)
  12. Bump so ppl can see
  13. Smoke Signals: belts 150 - 360
    The Summoner: Eyepatch 200 - 460
    A Familiar Foe: Shiv 100 - 300
  14. You forgot to add TGL to OP
  15. Sorry, done now :)
    Ty for help
  16. Maybe organize this into an actual chart? Js
  17. Put into item order if that helps :D
  18. In fact, like in previous events, the different items drop according to a certain pattern.

    Let's number those 4 items like they are in the game:

    1 - Bandit Kerchief
    2 - Bandit Belt
    3 - Bandit Eyepatch
    4 - Bandit Shiv

    Let's now take the ebs and have a look at what they drop:

    Tier 1 - Calydor the Depraved
    Lvl1 - Warbeasts - drops item (1)
    Lvl2 - Cover of Night (2)
    Lvl3 - Kingdom Assault. (3)
    Lvl4 - To the Chamber. (4)
    Lvl5 - The Depraved. (1)

    Tier 2 - Z'uthmerak of Despair
    Lvl1 - The Awakening. (2)
    Lvl2 - The Despair. (3)
    Lvl3 - The Forgotten Ones. (4)
    Lvl4 - The Reckoning. (1)

    Tier 3 - Usaris the Troll King
    Lvl1 - Abandoned Kingdom. (3)
    Lvl2 - Foreign Territories. (4)
    Lvl3 - Battle Royale. (1)
    Lvl4 - Origins. (2)

    Tier 4 - Thorak the Destroyer
    Lvl1 - Evanescence. (4)
    Lvl2 - No Mans Land. (1)
    Lvl3 - Ambush. (2)
    Lvl4 - The Destroyer. (3)

    Tier 5 - Apheriun of Exile
    Lvl1 - Haunting. (1)
    Lvl2 - No Quarter. (2)
    Lvl3 - City of the Dead. (3)
    Lvl4 - Figure of Death. (4)

    Tier 6 - Hawthorn the Wretched
    Lvl1 - Talons of Carnage. (2)
    Lvl2 - New Growth. (No info)
    Lvl3 - Scionic Storm. (4)
    Lvl4 - Sporavek's Revenge. (1)(2)

    Tier 7 - Moutos the Malevolent
    Lvl1 - The Barren Orchard. (no info)
    Lvl2 - Terrain Travails. (no info)
    Lvl3 - Crossing the Threshold. (no info)
    Lvl4 - The Caves of Riches. (no info)
    Lvl5 - The Gilded Lord. (3)(1)

    Tier 8 - Skorpios the Deathstalker
    Lvl1 - Storm the Palace. (4)
    Lvl2 - The Vipers Den. (no info)
    Lvl3 - Desert Sting. (no info)
    Lvl4 - A Cold Calling. (no info)

    Tier 9 - Jorathe the Silver
    Lvl1 - The Frozen City. (1)
    Lvl2 - Wasteland Wastes. (no info)
    Lvl3 - Glacial Squall. (no info)
    Lvl4 - The Sleeping Giant. (1)

    Tier 10 - Scrag the Bloodless
    Lvl1 - Smoke Signals. (2)
    Lvl2 - The Summoner. (3)
    Lvl3 - A Familiar Foe. (4)
    Lvl4 - A Sacrifice of Flesh. (1)

    Tier 11 - Wrath of the Sveruganti
    Lvl1 - Lignabelua of the Lowlands. (None)

    I guess you see that the items cycle through each Tier, randomly starting though.

    Two exceptions found so far: SR and TGL drop 2 items.

    LotL drops nothing.

    The BR versions seem to drop no items.

    RotW and HTE drop all 4 items.