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    Should we give health values of bars and/or try and aim them for a certain tier of EB? Or anything goes as far as difficulty?

    If I have time I'll think one up
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    Yes, you can be as loose or as tight as you want with difficulty. You can even add s new feature to it if you want. Anything can go really. I will be reviewing ALL aspects of it to make sure it's suitable.

    P.S. I like it tight.
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    im up for it whynot
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    Sounds good to me I am a graphic designer so should be fun working on something fun
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    Your not judging ? So why does it matter how u like it? Just curious??
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    You should post the spoiler 
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    That's awesome

    No. 
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    Support I would like to participate
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    Hello AJ,

    If I want to design a new eb like
    this, would it be allowed to be submitted as part of the Eb Design Contest? Thanks!

    Also, am I also allowed to show my new eb design work in the forums while submitting it to you at the same time? I would love to have my design viewed by the community while the competition is going on, if I have the option of course! :D

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    All content must be new works not posted before. It is done this way, so that no one wins by show of favoritism. Only the Developers and I will know who did what during the competition. I will be posting the top three designs for the KaWmunity to vote on.

    After the event, you can post it on your own, or, I can add it to the collection thread I'm doing.
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    Woifie wants in on event 
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    Ok, Devs emailed me back.

    Two categories:

    1(Art work

    I'm thinking a single player and you can enter into both if you want.

    Rewards are still being discussed, but, I can guarantee there will be one.

    Want to be reminded to sign up? Post on thread and I'll pm you on the 7th.
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    I get bored easily. So, I would like to be in this event :) who knows, this might help ata decide who to hire for designs in the future :lol:
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  16. Sign ups live.

    No direct "here's what we are giving for rewards" yet. But, I assure you, the devs are happy with this event. There will be a reward.
  17. Today is the 7th of March! Sign ups are possible! Sign up link in OP. Good luck!
  18. EDIT: SPOILERS! :p
  19. Indeed
  20. I am in
    Ill try to design one