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  1. EB design contest

    *This event idea is from our very own Frog! Thank him when yah get the chance :p

    *Sign up link at the bottom, scroll yah lazies.

    *This is a simple "Get the word out" Thread.

    Have you ever thought, "Hey, I can do better than the Devs did on the EBs?" How about, "I have good EBs ideas but my fweinds will think me a noob if I talk about it?" Well, look no further! Mask your desire to make EBs with the desire to excel at this month's Kaw Palooza event!

    This event is simple. You will design and create your own EB. It cannot be a continuation of any of the current EBs or use any concepts already in circulation.

    How this will work

    This contest will be divided into two categories:

    Artwork -

    Contestants will draw up a design for an epic battle. Name required. (The back ground.)

    This will be your friend

    Concept -

    Contestants will Come up with a thought or idea for an EB and write it out. That includes

    •Story behind it


    1. Submissions must be new, original work that has not been previously published. Any references made within the work to others must be credited and noted.

    2. All submissions must be received on March 21st.

    3. Finalists will be notified by me.

    4. As to stay impartial, only the develops and I will know who did what until the end. I will have no say whatsoever on what goes, only the judges.

    5. Do you want to be a judge? PM me.

    "But AJ, the devs will never support something like this! You're wasting your time."

    Community replied:
    Hey AJ,

    (Insert AJ eyes only stuff.) We're also really interested in the design an Epic Battle event, and can't wait to see what the community comes up with!

    Sign ups begin on the 7th, end on the 14th and work must be turned in on the 21th.

    Sign up link
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    Tell me your thoughts, opinions and what you think will go wrong.
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    Support. I would be happy to participate. Looks interesting. 
  4. Re: [Event]EB Design Contest

    I like the idea. It seems interesting.
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    Oh, forgot to add:

    You will design only ONE EB.

    You'll be judged on a few points:

    The story behind it
    The artwork

    Or that's a few things I'm pushing for. 

    Thread will be finalized for sign ups
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    looks good i like the 1 man teams the best though
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    I will sign up.
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  9. Re: [Event]EB Design Contest

    Full support
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    Who knows...Maybe KaW_Creative will appear. 
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    Only I can summon him
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    Instead of choosing one or four man teams, why not allow both and any in between and just have them specify?
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    Not sure how the Devs will want to distribute rewards, I'd like to do that tho
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    I will take part :) looks great
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    Do we have to draw the artwork or can we explain it?

    Some of us can't draw to save our lives.
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    I'd say a crude drawing with an explanation should suffice
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    That's still a huge challenge. 
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    Man with sword and shield
    Wearing cargo shorts and has short blue hair 
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    Fair play sir.