estocs ACTUALLY worth it?

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  1. So, estoc wars cost you upwards of 15b plus if you use full pots an action and also 2 xstals every war. Spending this every war, for a 50/50 chance of loosing it and gaining nothing at all? Or win and a few mith and a tiny plunder increase, supposedly 25% increase but devs can't do math so it's far less. Or seems like it for me.

    Now. This estocs equipment is aggressive. Yes this means you can hit bigger people, but the defensive stats make it useless. It's too little too affect anything. All this cash your using for wars, all this time. You could HLBC.

    Too affect ANYTHING you'll need at least 2m raw defence. Equivalent to 100m defence bonus from items. Atm it's impossible to get that from this equipment, so someone uses full pots on you they will still get through even if you have fully enchants mith equip.

    So. Is estocs worth it??

  2. To me in the past they've been worth it bit dot me mostly it is a source of enjoyment 
  3. Nope I don't think so. Was on mismatched side 4 times in a row.
  4. It depends how you value mithril, I don't buy the RWP Equip, I save my mithril up for OSW.
  5. The current Chestplate is worth trillions in BFA (at level 1)
  6. A few HLBC allies is also useless.

    It's go big or go home. Have huge BFA or none at all basically. I personally think estocs is only good for those HLBC
  7. It's a bad risk from both ends but it's fun and the prize is highly desirable so players do it :D
  8. I enjoy estocs and that is the only reason I do them.
  9. No. Just do it when I'm bored. I had lvl3 estocs and I did 36 FoDs in a row. No plunder increase, no equip.
  10. Seems very worthwhile to me.
    Doing haunts, plunder increase is as devs said. My main can make just as much per week in a haunts/ee clan as doing pure haunts, after paying for all the pots.

    So, join a good ee clan and you grow exactly as fast, plus earn 100-200 mithril a week, yes i think that's worth it.... :ugeek:
  11. If your in a good clan its worth it, but if your losing half the wars then it isnt.

    But hey, osw does nothing but make you lose money and we still do that :)
  12. Simply put, it's the price of doing business. Its one of the best parts of this game. I know the dev's still trying to work out the kinks, but it is still better than hitting the 'repeat action' button over and over again.
  13. I've decided to instead use my 300b I use a week in pots across my few accs I estoc on to go bigger n better strips  more fun.
  14. I also save myself around 24 
  15. It's about money, right? Say an industrious player can make 20b a day on haunts (conservative). Add the L1 EE and that's 25b a day. Your 15 b pays back in 3 days and you are profitable again.

    It's always a risk, but level one EE is a worthwhile risk.

    The mith equipment is good, but what will 2nd gen mith equip be?? Surely better!
  16. The xtal thing is a very very good tipping point
  17. You've got to do at least 3 wars a weekend to even think about getting all the mith equip by the end of this year 
  18. Well when we were winning yes I definitely felt it was worth it, but after losing a couple of times now, I see how frustrating it can be. So unless I win in the next war I plan on taking a break of ee for at least until the season starts.
  19. Plus say you start with 0 mith I have to pay over 14bil just on mith!