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  1. Our matchup is so unfare our best is 2.2m cs and they have to people with 9m cs like come on what is happening
  2. That's nice
  3. Well that's hardly fair, send an email to the devs explaining the unfairness and demand compensation! You deserve it
  4. Lol. Ur last war, u had like 80% inactive. U won't beat any clan til u get better organized. If u have even numbers u have a chance against any clan.
  5. Your clan, with strength rank 20/46 and a size of 38 has been matched against "UnBeKnowN", with strength rank 14/46 and a size of 49
    Of course its a loss. Outnumbered AND out done strength wise? Well then. :evil:
  6. unbeknown is good but seems to get these often... you think yours was bad? come look at us now. 9-13 str and they outnumber us my 30!!! disgrace of a matchup on numbers.
  7. Not are fault we are kickin ass!
  8. Unbeknown with 58 members warred today, with an opponent that had 76. (These are active members in war) now to all you people saying you just can't win when your outnumbered, I say work on your strategy.
  9. UBK just knows how to war strategically 
  10. I think we could beat you if we faced full on even members. Respect to you and your clan however. Hoping for a rematch soon. :mrgreen:
  11. What clan were you in ep?
  12. My alt was in the war, hes weak so he couldn't do anything though.
  13. You guys had happy_cop.. He was a tank for hits man! I only managed to ko him once 
  14. Hes the best meatsheild I've ever seen, he can take a hit lol
  15. Of course devs don't want an unfair matchup and we all need to understand that. I believe matchup is the fairest that devs could bring us. Let's all stop complaining about matchup. Better investing this time thinking on war strategy. UnBeKnown is winning because the clan has leadership, team work, confidence and strong strategy - even outnumbered.
  16. Re: Unbeknown Amazing

    I fought with Kamikaze mafia vs. unbeknown we were 52, Unbeknown have 74... We won we beat unbeknown even we are out numbered.... I'm with unbeknown there are lots of committed players and one goal to WIN..... Unbeknown is such an organised clan... If we beat you?! That's only because we are the better team!
  17. Yeah, UBK has a very great team going. I can agree with that. Id just be interested in what a fair matchup would be like now that we have our strategy down. Any ways, matchups will be matchups.
  18. UBK they beat us week10 war5 caz they are better than us even we have more numbers.
    If they can play like this continually they will be going up to the TOP soon. Great job guysmuch respect