Estoc war matches

Discussion in 'Wars' started by HenryFPC, Jan 19, 2013.

  1. Is it just me or is the match computer a joke? Being outnumbered 3:2 is a match even a 4 year old could see isn't fair. Do devs have a problem with counting once they run out of fingers?
  2. This war was over before it started and no joke the ratio was 3-2
  3. That sounds horrible. I would feedback it, seriously! They will notify you after they see your message.
  4. I agree with that its to be honest I think we should be payed back with our mithril and our EE back to the level we was on
  5. Don't worry Logical I did. Waiting for the usual BS response by second class mail
  6. Normally I'd call whiner, but.... 72 - 48 people is a pretty big difference. In these wars, roster numbers make a HUGE difference.
  7. agree kings there should be some kind of compensation for the Bullsh t matchup.
  8. Agreed Jayde. Wars are a pretty basic numbers game if everyone has a decent battle plan. And you can't beat the numbers when everyone gets 2 crystals
  9. Ah cmon a bypass really? Wouldn't you want risking a silence or something to have been over something more controversial?
  10. Being silenced for this would be a pretty fascist response by devs!
  11. Don't blame the devs. Blame the clans around your strength that didn't sign up. If that clan is closest to that signed up then that is your matchup. You take that risk when signing up. Don't like it, don't sign up. Simple
  12. I hope you remember that advice when you are on the receiving end Ace
  13. Spam some feedback that's ridiculous
  14. A matchup of 49 to 76 is a real disadvantage and a waste of time for both clans. Loser just sits(wastes mith) and winner gets bored and wins less mith cause of ff. ranking system still needs fixed. Size of clan not of players as much. Completely ticked off about this. Congrats to Other clan though!
  15. P.S. Devs. Feedback sent. If interested or you missed it here it is again. (Mismatch of 49 to 76 are u kidding me? I spend real money to support this game
  16. Is it really a miss match 49-76
    Why didn't you just get more ppl
    Or get better builds
    Or spend more money to improve you're stats
    Why even do ee if all you're going to do is complain
    So everyone can enjoy war and encourage others to war.
    These match ups cost mith for both sides why if this is happening would you waste 4hrs getting pinned no instead make gold do ebs and yawn
  17. We got 55-64, 9 difference.

    9 is a huge difference, it's like having 9x4 extra FB's plus 18 extra from xstals
  18. Everyone at wkk fought great, I admire your effort and wish you all the best.
  19. You may be out numbered but your opponents haave way smaller stats. Coming out of ko u have the advantage of doing more damage since u have bigger builds. If all ur members were active could have gone either way