Estoc Trials - Test Wars - Week 12 - War 4

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  1. Note: we've now removed the ability to sell buildings after match up.

    War 4
    2 hour war, 10 minute KO
    PDT - Saturday - 7pm-7:30pm
    EDT - Saturday - 10pm-10:30pm
    GMT - Sunday - 2am-2:30am
    SGT - Sunday - 10am-10:30am

    Sign-ups: 46
    No matches: 2

    No Match Found, DEATHS ACOLYTES - You were the 2 lowest ranked clans that signed up. When our matching algorithm tried to match you up, your hit ratios were all extremely low, therefore, not suitable for a match. We are going to investigate this further, as there have now been 4 wars where the lowest clans have had problems being matched. Currently, it appears as if the clan distribution in these lower ranked clans vary too much for a fair matchup, but we will look into it further. We appreciate your patience, but it may take a few days to fix.
  2. Devs, can you please take a look at our match up? I think we are extremely out matched. Also, do you guys count Prestige into war match-ups?
  3. Resolve the GH glitch and the lack of matches of NO MATCH FOUND and other GH based clans will resolve by itself.

    Do not allow Guilds to be build in HL - problem fixed! As easy as 1 2 3!
  4. We have towers and y'all don't... EE wars these days need towers to win
  5. Also the fact that your GH have massive EQ and not all of us do? I don't think it's just the towers..
  6. i take bake all the good things i said about matches lol did u forget to add bfe on there team please hook us up with some mith for this one we cant protest we wanted to learn what to do in a unfair situation lol nothin nothin at all just feed them our xtals check us out the umbrella corp.
  7. Towers would not help us any in this one id like to see bfe bfa and cs look even close to a match on this one please explain devs u have the chart in front of u
  8. Thought CS was supposed to be figured in match ups, guess not. 130m cs underdog. Ridiculous devs
  9. thank you for a great match up devs!! our opponents were tough and scrapped like warriors in and out. Their bfe is awesome, glad we had the extra raw stats to even it up a bit. keep up the good work:)
  10. To TGIA - on a quick look, the CS disparity is likely due to your the bfe boost you guys had on them? Maybe even BFA?

    Again, I don't have the data in front of me, and I only looked at a few of the Emblem.

    Again I say "no match" > mismatch.
  11. how about fixing the game before writing more of these thread? four times the app crashed on me, and countless times the web page did too.

    also how about updating the notification rate? i was knocked out before i even knew i was being attacked.

    or how about the time it takes to load up your target before hitting? it literally took 2 minutes to target the opponents in this war, and every other i have been in.

    but alas kaw_admin, and Kaw never respond to feedback. because it is quite obvious they dont want details. they want it in 90 characters or less.
  12. Devs made hit ratio to handle if you try n stack gh and get a no match, that just sucks for you

    and a suggestion: why not jut lower guilds plunder? then gh would be extinct!!
  13. Set kos suck said it in many threads cuz its true even won last few that where set ko and guess what still a crap war bring advantage back
  14. Devs,

    Why do you ignore so many requests of fixing the GH issue and continue to produce ridiculous matchups? What's the point of warring when half of the roster is DTW to you while another 1/5 can't be touched without tons of fails? Ppl have provided so many useful suggestions: increase the payout of ghs, remove the DTS/DTW crap, and make your matchups based on limiting the difference in both cs AND bfa/bfe. Clans with small total cs plus huge bfas should only be matched to another clan with small total cs and huge bfas or get no match. That's it. I wonder why you pretended you didn't see any of them. Is there any particular reason?? Enough said. We will boycott and just earn free miths if you continue to give us that crappy matchups. Just FYI.
  15. Why don't you build GH in your clan?
    You are asking all people go to same build.
  16. you just reminded me why I shouldn't war lol thanks I forgot about Gh issue.
  17. Hi Devs, my clan (more often than not) are getting matched with clans that generally have 100 to 140mil more CS than us and have way more BFA (some clans with multiple LB players) and our BFE is the only thing similar in these wars.....

    This last war (against Devastation) their CS was only about 45mil more than ours, however their BFA was crazy huge and even their BFE was more than ours - so outmatched on all 3 stats. The CS from their first 18 out of their 29 cast for this war was equal to our CS of the full 29 members cast from my clan.

    I know you have all been working hard to get these issues sorted and I thank you for that, however there still seems to be something extremely wrong with the matching algorithm for these tpyes of matchups to continue occurring, not just for my clan but for many other clans during this trial/test wars period.

    It would be greatly appreciated if you can continue looking into, and rectifying the mismatching issues. I'm sure most people want decently matched wars, and not wars where their clan is grossly outmatched and have no chance in. Thanks 
  18. The sugestions people are making about gh would suck for those that made the sacrafice to be gh some sugestions might work but damn y does attk builds need to be the only build good build in war it would take the fun out of warring if everyone had the same build i would do away with dts/dtw so at least attk can decide to block us if they want with dts/ dtw others bigs can only watch gh do what they do best once season 2 starts if matching isnt so far off like our war today a lot more clans will take part in wars i know we cant win them all but a fair fight would be nice o no match and i really hope u have something special for those that took part in these re donky test wars to help better the system thanks devs ps we are sick of being the underdogs on every war u throw at us can we please have an easy one on war 6 lol
  19. 46 and 2
    Half life 3 confirmed