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  1. Buying equipment from the eb's would defeat the entire point of having an equipment eb. A better option would be to be able to buy aqua and inferno from Alchemist but put them as certain events and occasions within the game or maybe it can be a Christmas Special Surprise? :lol:

    It's up to you devs!

    P.s I am not the reclaimer if this idea, I only added the part about the Christmas Special Surprise. :)

    Happy KaWing.
  2. Last week we were matched up with some pretty big clans which is fine. We are currently ranked in the sixties I think. But what is not being taken into account during matchmaking is who has used the veil. So say five of our top ten can't war, that would drop our clan down into the 80s 90s maybe, but we are still being matched with clans that were ranked in 20s 30s . The matchmaking has to include this. Clan rank should be dependent on clan strength minus players who are using the veil. Also not only should there be a min member requirement but there should also be a max, or at least have wars in certain total member "brackets". Not only were these clans 20 30 spots above us pre-veil , they also had 10-15 more members in one war. That's 30-45 more unloads including xtals. So maybe a clan with 32 members warring should only war another clan in the 30-35 member bracket, or just try to keep it within five or something reasonable. But after all said and done it's a good change of pace from the boring constant ebs and I appreciate the effort devs putting in to make the game better. So thanks.
  3. You guys got to fix this lag. I'm getting KO'd and I can't hit but getting KO'd. That's not cool.
  4. Hi would love to say had fun but my clan was matched up against a clan with a lot more members with higher cs then we could hit just saying might need to recheck your match ups better thx
  5. So you know. Your matchups where not good tonight we where put up against a clan that was twice as strong as us not cool might need to matach up better next time thx for nothing lol
  6. Had fun but my clan was matched up agents a clan that had members with a lot higher cs and no one could Hitt I thank u all should recheck your match up but had fun
  7. 37 to 54 is in no sway, shape, or form an even matchup. Not to even mention the lag!
  8. Uhhh yeah it is
  9. Are you guys idiots? The devs have already said they are doing everything they can about the matchups. It's impossible to get the perfect matchup. I think all you people want is a good matchup for your clan. Well it doesn't work that way.

    First of all, clan rank is not the deciding factor in matchups. Number of members, size of members, and veiled members always play a part in the matchup. Out of about 30 clans warring, from a range of top 500 clans, do you really think that the devs could match every war up just right? If you do, you should see a doctor....

    Second of all, quit whining. Nothing is fair in war. It's just a game anyways....
  10. any member of a clan that forfeits should get a penalty, a loss of plunder and lower drop rate
  11. I've never posted before but, a clan ranked 249 vrs a clan ranked 39 isn't even close. All respect to zaft un, there tough or I might be a bit small. My point Better Match ups please.
  12. Im having issues when i know i have ko'd someone but it says they self ko'd.. im missing many ko's due to LAG..I don't understand the mith payout either!! A friend had 49 successful actions with 3/12 ko's and was awarded 57 mith while I had 228 actions with 5/6 ko's and was awarded only 44 mith.. I also had quite a bit more plunder then my friend.. How can my friend get more mith then me??? Need to fix mith payout system still
  13. Loved my first war experience! Just a few notes: (I only play on iPod btw)
    LAG LAG LAG!! Such a pain how awful the lag was! Lag in changing screens (ie from marketplace to news screen etc) and the lag to just be able to hit someone were just brutal.
    Also the game kept freezing and the app would force close at the worst possible times this happened at least 5 times throughout the war.

    Other than that it was loads of fun!!
  14. Ooh I forgot one big item *facepalm*
    When I attempted to hit some players in the war I got an error message saying that outside hits aren't allowed?? I thought everyone in the clan was automatically joined in war so the players I was trying to hit should have been available. I believe some other people in my clan had the same issue as well.
  15. Why have open beta war if your going to change the dynamics of war by introducing more equipment (paladins red crap)
    You get great feedback everyone happy and guess what without any further consultation or tests you change the war we just tested for you .
    I have disliked every update you have brought out since the start if ebs this was the one I thought you had got right a war for war sake.
    I dont even care about the edge I walked out of clan and lost it twice because I hate ebs I just liked the fun part of war.
    But to give more equipment to make war less on ability more of greed goes against what you said the ee wars were about.
    Too late now again this just shows all these test are a scam and you dont care about our thoughts or wishes.
  16. With the Veil of Evasion, that is no longer the case.
  17. We've said all along that the war system would only work if there was interest, and you, the players, were willing to participate. We went through a series of iterations, starting from forum discussions, to an open beta, to get to where we are today.

    We still have outstanding issues, such as the lag and the matchups, that we are working on daily.

    I'm not sure why you feel this has been a scam. The equipment that we are creating is meant to be incentive to get more people to participate in the wars, and allow the winning clans to feel even further rewarded for winning them.

    Perhaps I've misunderstood what you are upset about, could you care to clarify?
  18. I think for the people who use mith spells to skip war they should be able to hit an eb while the rest of the clan wars
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