Equip that has plunder bonus!

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  1. Hey all, and I would like to thank you for reading this thread  I apologize if its a little unprofessional, for I have little experience with making threads. However, let me get to the point.

    I have been thinking about this, and I saw some event equip that had plunder bonuses on it. There was talk of this in my clan, and I have decided to make this thread in accordance with that idea :)
    Special thanks to Queen, Zombie, and all my clan friends for the idea 

    So how cool would it be to have equip that has plunder bonuses on it right?

    The type of equip: This would be either a trinket, "shoes", "hands", or maybe a ring.
    It would drop from: Lignabelua of the Lowlands (LOTL), TS, or SS.

    I have made a chart showing just around the levels, gold bonus per level, aqua & inferno per upgrade, and stats.

    T=Troop S=Spy A= Aqua I=Inferno
    LVL 1 2m 1m 2m 3m 0% 2 2
    LVL 2 3m 2m 3m 4m 1% 3 2
    LVL 3 3.5m 3m 4m 5m 1.5% 4 4
    LVL 4 4m 4m 4.5m 5.5m 2% 5 4
    LVL 5 4.7m 5m 5.7m 6m 2.5% 6 5
    LVL 6 5.5m 6m 6.3m 7m 3% 7 6
    LVL 7 6.3m 7m 7m 7.5m 3% 7 7
    LVL 8 7m 8m 7.8m 8.3m 4% 8 8
    LVL 9 8m 9m 8.5m 9m 4% 9 9
    LVL 10 9m 10m 10m 9.5m 5% 10 10

    PLEASE REMEMBER THAT THIS CHART IS JUST AN EXAMPLE! The aqua and inferno would also be liable to failing with higher chances.
    I also didn't add in the table, yet gold bars could also be used to upgrade the equip.
    If this idea is used, then the devs will probably just patch it up and change the stats 

    If there are any questions about this, just ask! And please leave comment and suggestions. Thanks
  2. We got a trinklet which gave a plunder boost for the diamond PvP event thing.
  3. I know, but this will just be a drop from a normal EB not an event
  4. What he said
  5. Start a petition for more PvP events.
    Ppl that OSW n War would like PvP EQ.
  7. EB's r not for PvP EQ.
  8. Its not for PvP, its just equip that drops from ebs - it gives you plunder bonus
  9. Events, EE n BR do that already.
  10. Yes, but this is just from normal epic battles. Not everyone can get a good ee level lol
  11. I like the idea I just saw you post in wc lol I just don't know if the devs would ever make this a thing when they can just tell us to waist $6 to make more money on HTE but you have my full support
  12. It's been 8 months since they last did a plunder equipment and was the only one
  13. There is way to much focus n attention on eb's n eb events as is.

    PVP n EE r a higher priority.

    Furthermore an eb plunder bonus would only widen the gap from LB to the smalls.
  14. Haha yeah true, but thanks!!
  15. Possibly, but it wouldn't cause much of a difference. I mean its barely any extra bfe for the lb.
  16. Just more inflation, no support
  17. What do you mean more inflation? It wouldn't do anything but give you a gold bonus as the form of equip
  18. Lol do you know what inflation is 