Equality or Inequality?

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  1. Lord Pepe is the only true father who allows for society to advance.

  2. In Textbooks it says that the Muslims invaded Byzantine and other cities in the Middle East controlled by the Christians. Also not all people "willingly" converted in the Middle East, there were many people who followed traditional Arabian folklore that actually fought and lost against the Muslims. Unless you know more than the textbooks (Spielvogel is what I'm using mainly, as we use that for my Civ II class) then your facts are a little off.

    This isn't an argument about the better religion, but if you are going to down a religion make sure your facts are straight. You do have some accurate and good points, but some of your stuff is a bit off.
  3. There are many sects of Christianity. You can't say all of Christians did these things, just like we cant say all muslims are terrorists (the actual islam followers are good people, not those who slander and get the all coverage). There are always those who will seek gain through "religion". i.e. The kings (England specifically i believe)

    For reference, May i direct you to 0-100 AD Time frame. You will find Christianity at its purest form. - Christian literally means "Christ Follower". Even in islam, while not recognizing him as savior, it states that he is a very very good man.

    How then does this make sense when followers who follow and act like Christ
    Are now doing these things?

    I think the answers lies not within Christianity, but outside.

    I'll leave that for discussion
  4. My bad I thought I said "most willingly converted" but I may be mistaking lol I didn't reread it

    But on that most did willingly convert in Africa that is why it is a predominant religion in Africa (more north Africa) today

    Now I'm not talking about which religion is better but just the contributions of the Empires and the inequality they both shared
  5. Yea..sure, everyone should have basic equality...I say basic because the social gaps in quality of life between poor and wealthy is not something that we have much control over.

    I think a big contributer with this social unrest is just simply most rights movements have alot of angry people getting put on media...and anger generally just causes more anger.

    For example, I never grew up racist or sexiest. I live in a rural area, so pretty much im just an objective spectator of these things. But seeing, reading or hearing about some of the "anger" driven things some of these movements do or say just kinda put a seed of resentment in my subconscious, and before I knew it i found myself having racist or sexiest thoughts. This was based on no real experience or legitment view point, and my negative thoughts werent truly about any paticular sex, race or sexual preferences. The root of my negativity was simply a resentment of the anger its self.

    Cant help but wonder how many people just might be the same as me? Ive heard many people reference this social unrest as being half the country opposed to the other half, 50/50. But is that really the case? Is roughly half the country totally against these rights movements? Or are most just simply angry at other people being angry? I know that doesnt make sense, but anger seldom does.
  6. Just look up all the hate crimes people do against the people you are 'suddenly' feeling racist and sexist about then. There are angry people everywhere in all races/sexes/religions and anger allows them to be louder than the majority.
  7. Not saying these groups dont have alot to be angry about, saying pushing an agenda with anger doesn't work. All the anger does is obscure any valid points or arguments, at that point an individual or group are just associated with their anger.

    I also dont believe they are against the majority. The majority of people "i believe" are peace loving citizens, keeping their head down, trying to get by and enjoy life. And those people are not going to be swayed to support an angry mob....would be easy enough to get behind some calm, peaceful group with the goal of just wanting equality and more or less just feel safe and secure.

    And as the protesters of all sides fight it out, the actual majority sit silently at home watching in resentment at the foolishness before them of "ALL" involved.

    It doesn't work