Epic Battle Time Trials!

Discussion in 'Past Events' started by [ATA]Grant, Jun 28, 2014.

  1. @Mei - It's the same as new clans trying to EE, no hope really.
  2. @mods/kaw_community

    Can mods lock KaW admins posts?
  3. Bob, it is not about the extra plunder. It's about it being HTE and ROTW, and not only that, but because DAMAGE is based on STRENGTH, and because to complete a HTE in under 5 minutes not only do you need STRENGTH but you need HEALTH CRYSTALS and a SEAL.

    You know what that each of those words written in uppercase mean? Let me tell you in order.


    only ones getting this bonus is the ones on the LB with Money.
  4. @slayerbob

    noun: spam; plural noun: spams; noun: Spam
    irrelevant or inappropriate messages sent on the Internet to a large number of recipients.
    unwanted or intrusive advertising on the Internet.
    "an autogenerated spam website"

    The "/lock" posts do not meet the criteria of the term spam, its the simplest way to show great distaste beyond the form of "no support"
  5. @3 probably making another shitty meego game or finally bringing that other monster game that's yet to be released in any other country.

    Or ya know possibly saving up to buy Canada.
  6. No support from me
  7. Another promo n rewards that only last for 2 weeks, i think not, make an equip that drops more plunder permantly
  8. My view:
    It'd be more fun if it was an EB that involved random pot balancing stage/sweet spot involvement. I.e FoD or NQ.
  9. There is a lot of tap tap games out there and devs are ruining the best one, Kaw has such an awesome community. Their greed is gonna kill Kaw. It's simple.
  10. Yes it would be more fun Bob.

    But they don't require seals.
  11. Of you have 80-90 ppl hitting crystals aren't need and seals drop ya just have to find them
  12. Slayerbobs view:

    "Maybe if ATA makes enough money this quarter, they will start paying the mods....."
  13. Not seeing where this is a mandatory event.
  14. Terra...

  15. Bob… This thread utterly blows. The percentage is useless for small accounts because this promo suits the lb clans greatest. Why not fix the estoc wars where people earn estic edge which gives a plunder bonus? fix the game, not money grub.

    Onky good promos are the 2x good/drop or even equip promos. This, this is just a half assed attempt to take more cash for a thing that lasts only a week

    Point blank, idea sucks. I vote for a lock

  16. It's not mandatory AJ you fool. It's the fact it's just catered towards pay 2 play and incredibly unfair
  17. A NQ trial and I might quit. omg I hate that eb, someone always screws it up!
  18. Fool for stating my own opinion on this? Lol. It's always been P2W, nothing has changed.
  19. So slayerbob agrees that as hte/rotwb promotion, it sucks?