Epic Battle Time Trials!

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  1. There is a lesson to be learned here. Try to under promise and over deliver. Not the other way around. Next time, don't give a date for the rewards to be given out. Anything later than that is seen as an epic fail and a customer service nightmare.
  2. Please address the issue of leaving before rewards for hte, I'd like to go home if i don't need to stay. This is ridiculous, it would take a few seconds to say yes or no.
  3. Please do the preparations before announcing and starting any event there is something or the other issue appearing in each event
  4. Ever notice the Devs are never actually able to do anything on time or properly?
  5. KC lost connection
  6. I've suggested a few times that ATA consider a customer advisory group on new features/product roadmap. These customers could also be beta testers in the current game or with a dev/test instance.

    In general I'd like to see more engagement on features and quality assurance
  7. Really can't understand the thought process here. Why make an additional event and say when the rewards are going to be paid out and then backtrack on your decision When clearly the reward payout had not been created fully this is not the way to run an event
  8. This is the same as for ROTW, with the end of the event at 11:59PM PDT last night, you're now free to leave your clans if need be.
  9. What about HTE?
  10. Kaw_community just addressed HTE. Same rules that apply to ROTWB apply to HTE. The people rewarded must have helpped get the record time OR be in the clan at the end of the event (July 1 11:59 pm PDT). Everyone is now free to leave their clans with no need to return for time trial rewards.
  11. @kaw community, can we manage to have 1 event that is clan based and not a merc event that can be easily exploited?
    Have an event so the person loses the achievement if they leave the clan. Bring back some element as to why clans were developed in the first place. The pride of working together rather then let's see who can stack the biggest lb together and then leave the clan empty.
    Would be nice if clans were somehow important in the game again.
  12. Rewards are today correct?
  13. That's the plan!
  14. Community.. i was in a 39 sec hte at clan -WDGAF- it was a top 3 time. So i left the clan. And later on they ran another 39 sec one and it happened to be a bit quicker then the one before.... i would just like to confirm that ill still be getting reward for the first 39 sec one correct?
  15. You are still following that plan right?
  16. Terror don't see why it really matters. In this case if you ain't first your last applies. Top time gets 20% bonus. Anyone else in top 50 gets 10%. You are certainly in the top 10 fastestī€Ž
  17. TERROR is asking because that would mean his clan got a faster record time without him which would be his clans best. If he left the clan during the end of the event and wasn't there for the best record EB he will receive NO reward. He is asking if the milliseconds count as a new record which would cause him to not get an award.
  18. Support for war_valors post. Clan rewards that are not exploitable by mercs would be a great step forward.
  19. I see infamous. That would suck but seeing as we splitting hairs I don't see why it should make a difference. But we all know how devs like to do screwy things.