Epic Battle Time Trials!

Discussion in 'Past Events' started by [ATA]Grant, Jun 28, 2014.

  1. ^ when do we get those rewards 
  2. I gave up on these time trails lag was so bad took 7 secs to use a horn them it would lag trying to hit reported from several players
  3. Do we have to stay in that clan
  4. Yes Tino. You have to be in the clan that will be receiving the awards.
  5. So are all of us with 14 seconds tied for #8 or no. If not I wont bother going back .
  6. Hope dev is aware that we all got diff time zone. Some warrior might on sleeping time during the distribution of reward.

    I just curious why would we need to be in clan while dev can retrieve the data from the server who are in the clan during that time.

    Don't tell me u guys use pen n paper to write down n key in manually. Lol
  7. Will the plunder spell work on regular EBs such as The Sleeping Giant or The Summoner?
  8. Yes darkside
  9. Like a EE spell would
  10. So for asians it's 1min to 1st of July already, and well PDT it's almost 9am already. Where are the rwb rewards? Please distribute it ASAP.

    So those who left to war does not have a chance to get their spell anymore as usually those who left have their slots filled up by others. It has already been ridiculous that we gotta wait in the clan for the spell reward with no specific time given, please don't make it more ridiculous we have to stay in the clan for god knows how many hours when the specific reward time wasn't given. "30th June Monday" is very vague, for asians it's already almost 1st of July, lol.

    Please distribute it ASAP. Because the clan we did RWB time trial in may not be doing HTE time trial. Some of us do need to hop.
  11.  Wow loyalty to clan or what^
  12. Florence just wait a second they said they would hand out rewards by today since when have they EVER lied to us? :p

  13. No HTE! Oh ma gawd
  14. Trolling or what, Optimal? I'm referring to EB clans. What loyalty? Lol
  15. That's exactly my point Florence. What's the point in any clan event when people have no loyalty and just hop?
    This game used to be a social success with people having to work together . Now people are just totally out for themselves with loyalty to no one.
    And that's exactly why you have just highlighted that events like this suck. A clan reward where people can't wait to get out of the clan they earnt the reward in.
  16. We will go back to the point of loyalty if there are no such promos. With promos like these, why blame others for not having loyalty when the purpose behind the drafted event wasn't even promoting loyalty in the first place?
  17. When are rotwb rewards going out?