Epic Battle Time Trials!

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  1. I personally hate the promo as still no PVP update still. Also the horn one is a free promo as ppl have more than enough horns they got from escapes. Only part devs will make money from this promo is the escape part.
  2. This promo is the worst yet in a long string of crappy promos, I'm not usually one to complain on forums but I'm beginning to dislike kaw all together at this point...
  3. Same... Considering to quit again .... so many lbs have sold there accs and left kaw ...
  4. most events r made for money only. Kaw becoming money game and not a free to play.
    You "help" strongest only. There is no help for newbies. One day no more ppl will be playing n u ll cry cuz u wont get $ anymore
  5. Talk about a big **** you to a majority of the player base who don't spend money...
  6. I agree with some of you. The rest are way off
  7. Is it just me or r none of these dropping seals๎’
  8. Getting very close to retirement and quitting these promos are ruining a great game.
  9. Obviously only the big clans doing this. I won't lie, it's fun.

    Have any questions been answered?

    What about the tied clans? How do you choose which clan is above another if there are 8 clans at 16 seconds?

    I might have missed these answers...
  10. Dest - i see the same thing, but that is the point. Why would they drop seals when the point is to make nob sales?
  11. AWESOME i love this idea
  12. The spell itself is given on an individual basis. Once you've got the bonus spell (you'll need to be in the clan when rewards go out for this) you'll be free to leave the clan and keep the spell until it expires.
  13. /\ sounds good
  14. So have to stay in the clan that got the record until the event is over/ rewards come out?
  15. Or meaning you can bribe anyone you want in to your clan, get the record with enough lb present, then disband the clan after rewards. Or better still own the clan get record kick everyone just before end of event and no one gets rewards, but be farmed for the rest of your kaw life. Would be funny as though ๎’๎’
  16. You have to be in the clan when rewards go out yes.
  17. Any timeline u can give me? I want spell but i want to war also
  18. Is it still droppin slz?
  19. The clan has plunder spell on all ebs for a week.