Epic Battle Time Trials!

Discussion in 'Past Events' started by [ATA]Grant, Jun 28, 2014.

  1. Its the great summer EB crap-tacular!!!

    Next weeks very nt: Bend over and cough twice while the devs examine examine everyones checkbooks.
  2. This is the only mmo I've ever played that doesn't have a mature language filter option. Could be controlled via password so younger audiences couldn't just turn it on or off, and bypasses would still be silencable.

    I really don't see the need for it however, aside from a few words and phrases that shouldn't be censored, how hard is it to just not swear lol.
  3. Mushroom, sadly, for certain people, it's apparently very hard :/ which is sad. And hit in a sad way. But in a pitiful way. :)
  4. How bout just bring new eb out in scrag series
  5. How about none of these and PVP rewards?
  6. Some of us are from jersey in new York swearing part of the language :) in no support bad promo not fair to the lil guys who cant buy seals promos should be community based not just lbs based can we have a promo not money driving or bring back the 2x 3x promos plunder&equips promo there where the best.
  7. Pvp is not gonna ever get rewards. There's already been a fight about that in forums. Rather not being that nightmare up again o.o
  8. Did it in 35 seconds, i like it. It gives a little adrenaline rush at the end lol:)
  9. Would u lose ur plunder bonus if u left ur clan is what I want to know
  10. Will they be free runs? Kind of sounds like it but can devs confirm please?
    This is a good idea, far from perfect but I like the attempt devs! Really looking forward to this!
  11. So after reading through the comments it would seem people are pretty happy about this and give it a big FULL SUPPORT!

    My 7th ex-wife always said I was good at reading people and sizing ip a situation.
  12. So this only benefits the hte rotwb b2b clans really ?:(
  13. You are doing a fine job WOWS now do the opposite and see what happens
  14. New KaW Rating... 1/2 Star
  15. Shouldn't top time ROTW render +20% Plunder Spell as HTE top time?
  16. This is stupid. Obviously a lot of thinking went into this idea because whenever the devs start thinking that is when crap like this comes up.
  17. Of course it's not free runs. And it's a terrible idea.

    What happened to all the things that the devs promised they would do? PvP reads, more EE fixes and features, new clan features, etc? We have been asking for these things for a very long time. We haven't been asking for this ridiculous event! Do what the community wants!

    Now, you won't come out to face the community of KaW :/