Epic Battle Ally Strength Investiattion

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  1. I see. Thanks, UnSul.

  2. Just find someone in red stars clan and ask them, you can see logs so it's unnecessary to actually speak with red star
  3. Bonus from allies is just like buying an attack pot. It will increase your damage up to a certain point. However in real life you'll never see the increase because by the time you have 1 trillion in allies you will already have too much attack to see the difference from BFA.

    For example, on haunting if I use a 12m attack pot the damage will go up by about 5 average. I have 2.8m atk.

    An account with only 1.2m atk can use the 12m attack pot and see an increase of around 40 damage on average.

    So there appears to be a built in damage cap, much like doing 100 damage average with items once your build is large enough compared to the epic.
  4. @cas-dorsai

    Just wondering here, I don't need to use pots to hit on haunting obviously but I checked and as you said damage went up significantly. Where I normally hit for 50-60 the two hits I did were 103 and 104. Will this extra damage done per hit be worth using the 12mil pot when it comes time for payout at the end?
  5. Why not get someone in your clan to investigate? Have someone hire his allies, then unload. Then have him hire his allies back and have him unload again when he can.

    Why does it have to be red star?
  6. A stupid question in the haunting if I use a spy attack pot will I do more damage ? A full unload on spies is usually just under 6000 for me.
  7. @auro:

    The end bonus for haunting is not significantly affected by the damage done, so in most cases u should use a minimum of pots to hit. The bomus is from your plunder total, and items, with assasin coming in third.

    However, if your clan is behind it is a good idea to pot up and do more damage. Much better to spend on pots than lose the bonus.

    Also, with the haunting at least, your end bonus will always cover the cost of pots used. Generally you can expect a bonus per hit equal to your plunder per hit in haunting.
  8. @spooky

    No, after about 900k spy stats the damage added by pots drops off. The increase would only be 10-20 for you if you did full spy pots.
  9. Two random observations. You're bonus from allies is already at the 2% of their actual strength, so you don't need to multiply by .02 again if I remember correctly. You should be able to verify this through your own stats using the white numbers and then your bonus to allies.

    Other random observation is that well I am a hansel and do approx. 190 damage when assassinating and I've fairly large spy stats but not a lot of bonuses yet. An attack build in my clan who only has around 260k stats to my 2.7 mil stats does approx. 120 damage from assassination but I know his spy bfa Is fairly high. That being said, it'd stand to reason that bonuses do play into affect.

    Maybe the bonuses can only bring you to a certain "area" of hit points. Same with pots. Larger accounts seem to gain less of a jump between damage with pots and damage without pots.

    Anyways daT, interesting topic and I could be wrong about my first observation but I think it's correct.
  10. @merc:

    I'd be interested to know what damage u do when ass with 12m spy pot vs regular. Just to see how much increase there is.

    Would also be interesting to see what your bonus would be with just assasin, no hits or items. I haven't tested that yet
  11. Bump and ty cas
  12. I'll look into it, MC. If you're right, then Red-Star would be making even more huge damage.

  13. BUMP

    - I, Spy. -
  14. Btw, RedStar is a girl/lady... Not a guy. So if you errr politely approach the said lady with politeness, I'm sure she'll be able to impart you some help.

    MercenaryCloud.. That's good. But do you think perhaps you could provide Dat with some SS at full troops/spies, plus a SS of your profile showing him your ally bonuses. Etc.

    Take SS of every hit / Assassinations..
    Then do the calculation.

    My suggestion...
    Setup an excel sheet to input data, and then figure out the formula. I'm sure it's quite easy.

    Just my $...
    But like Dat says it's hardwork.
  15. Don't know if anyone posted this but you know theirs a cap on how much damage you can do right?