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  1. Uh... idc about roni doin anythin she wants. Y don u ask her u chump? U kip askin me y roni does that? How the hell am i gona no?
  2. Well as Roni has gone back into hiding (no surprises there) I thought I'd ask her other personality, you. You share the same mind haha.

    Although at this point I might as well answer the question of why Roni does that. Why does she beg others for help farming me? Because she's a pathetic child who started something she had no chance of winning whatsoever. The moment she mentioned my name was the minute her kaw career ended and reputation left in tatters.
  3. Ok. Don care. Neber did.
  4. Sureeeee
  5. Still mad this isn't about the movie Endgame
  6. Firstly..there was no shower if no ss are available. If indeed a long shower more ss are needed as proof. Secondly...where's Toad when you need a good thread troll? :lol:
  7. All leeches get blocked .i do it for their own good because need to get a personality of their own instead of only coming alive around me . Scarlet dawn = another alt of valkerie to rot on kaw on because has no life outside of kaw . And yet again can not hold a conversation if i or saltyfeet aint the title and topic of it .And worms are in osw . Valkerie visited them but didnt stay to help out and support them in the osw .No she legged it out of there a.s.a.p because osw takes time away from n.k weekends and the ebs
  8. You block anyone who makes you cry, poor chav. Speaking of personality of their own, you got a few spares lying around, mind sharing?

    You speak of holding conversations yet have half of kaw blocked. As for me and Salty, well he (you) unfollowed me / blocked me too. Shame.

    I actually took an alt to worms before removing Valkyrie, I sense you are jealous of my place there. Also I was fully aware of the osw well before I joined on that particular occasion. Also if you think you need to be in a specific clan to help out in an osw then you are hugely mistaken.

    Roni as always thanks for making yourself look like a fool, I put bait down and you fall for it every single time.

    Bloody chav.

    Edit: You're talking about someone called Valkerie, not me. My bad haha. Sucks to be you.

  9. What does this have to do with Endgame? No support." style="max-width: 100%;" />" style="max-width: 100%;" />

  10. You took time editing that lol, was wondering if you were just bumping original or not. Endgame because it's me finishing Roni off once and for all.

    Kinda like what I'm doing with Salty. I let him have his fun for a while and prosper, but later decided it was time to end him." style="max-width: 100%;" />" style="max-width: 100%;" />
  11. Everybody can see that without me there is no you valkerie the leech because nobody even knows of you.Not even old members of illuminati . Lie some more .And the end game she copyied from my rap on page 1 of Statics 2018 rap cypher thread . Valkerie has no originality
  12. Mate really you need to lay off the molly. You deluded chav.

    On a serious note, I don't want to elevate over you, doesn't stop me from already doing so, guess I have no choice in that matter. As for going against you, I did, and I won. Surprised you have the guts to show your face, especially on this thread.

    I'm a nightmare that thrives in the dark too.

    Only thing that got close to scaring me is the down south bit, you have some rough places in London don't you?

    Anyways, I'm starting to wonder where you copied this from, even this trash is beyond your mental capabilities.